Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hike #6 Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve (for the 2nd time)

This past Saturday we went on our 6th hike of the summer however it was a repeat of another we already did. We went to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve for the 2nd time this month and this time our friend Claire joined us. It is a rather short trail and more of a walk than a hike but hey its in my "Best Short Day hikes in Southern California" book so I'm calling it a hike. haha.

We went on this hike a little earlier than last time and started around 10:00am by the time we got there. The hike from the parking lot and back was 1 hour exactly as we only made a few stops. The hike is approx 2 mile in length and like I said it is very short and very simple so not for extreme hiking enthusiasts at all.

I did not see quite as many photographers and bird watchers this time out but there were still a handful there. The last time we went it was on July 4th weekend, actually it was the morning of July 4th itself and it was actually really packed. Now come to think of it that's weird it that it was that packed on a holiday, or is it?

Last Saturday it was much cooler than the first time we went when there was stronger winds and it was much cooler. It was nice weather this time plus we had great company with us in Claire. Claire in fact explained to us what the below picture is, or at least what she believes it to be. She said that a lot of time large spiders, sometimes tarantula's form a next outside a hole and I cant remember whether she said the mail or female steps out of the hole and taps the ground to welcome the other in if they like them. Now I am not sure where she got her information but she is pretty bright when it comes to this stuff so I'm going to believe here. We didn't see any tarantula's on our walk but we did see a bunny which I was unable to get a close enough picture of.

We did not see any eagle's or hawks this time around but did see some other birds that are always flying around out there. I couldn't name a single one of them and although this is a hike my wife enjoys it wouldn't be on the top of my list. Two time's in a year would be enough for me let along twice a month. I am glad I have been though and it is kind of unique in the fact that you can sometimes see new species of birds each time you go. Overall a nice hike again and we enjoyed having company for the second week in a row!

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