Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So I just realized the other day that its been quite some time since I last blogged, 3 months to be exact. Last date I posted something was on October 19th, 2010, exactly 90 days ago. The first thing I noticed was that I did not complete my Big Fat Summer Movie Marathon reviews. I had thought I posted my reviews for The Dark Knight and Se7en but I had not so I will be posting those later this week. In the meantime I am posting a new blog today. No real topic in general here just a blog about some observations, opinions, and comments I have on a broad range of issues. Ready. Set. Lets go!

I believe if the Duke Blue Devils had a healthy Kyrie Irving all year long they could have gone undefeated this year, I really believe that as hard as that is to accomplish. Sadly Florida St. ruined that last week.

I'm convinced that barring another catastrophic terrorist attack on our nation nothing and I mean nothing will unite the republicans and democrats in this country and that's sad.

I'm sick and tired of seeing those blue and yellow equal bumper stickers on cars in Southern California. Those and the Kerry/Edwards stickers need to go.

I'm convinced that the state of California is only going to get worse and worse as the years go on and I still hate living in this state. I was spoiled when I lived in NC. If it wasn't for family, friends, and good jobs in this state Id be outta here in a heartbeat.

Obama will be a One Term President. Stupidity, Ignorance, and Failure cannot be re-elected.

A self proclaimed Laker hater I have to admit I hate the Miami Heat even more. Screw Lebron James and his "crew".

I rarely watch an NFL game during the regular season but I love the NFL playoffs. Side Note - Somebody please put the Jets in their place! Big Ben - I'm talking to you!

Would Post It's have been as popular if they had been named Stick It's?

I am 1000 times more excited than I ever imagined I would be to be a new Dad. I cant wait!

Blackberry phones are overrated and I hate mine. I cant wait for early Feb when I switch to the iphone - FINALLY!

I thought Ricky Gervais was hilarious at the host at the Golden Globes. Sure I like certain actors and actresses and love movies and TV but if these millionaire crybabies cant take some jokes and insults maybe they need to grow up. It was entertaining - for me at least.

I never really liked to read or enjoyed books until just a few years ago but I've always loved going into bookstores, is that odd?

I believe OJ did it, Tupac is alive, and Aliens exist and no I'm not joking.

If given the chance I would live in the mountains over the beach any freakin day of the year. The beach is overrated - everywhere.

I cant stand all the stuck up people who clutter up Irvine and its surrounding areas. NO I'm not saying everyone out there is that way but a good darn majority. If you don't believe me take a stroll at the Irvine Spectrum one day and check out all the primadonna's walking around.

If I was stranded on an island by myself and didn't know when or if I would ever be found I would want the following with me. A picture of my wife and daughter. A water bottle. A knife. My ipod filled with comedy cd's and Christmas music. Shoes. String. Also a Wilson Volleyball.

I've never understood men's fascination of cars.

I absolutely loved the old Nintendo game Bases Loaded when I was younger. Hawaii, Kansas, Omaha, LA, DC! Awesome!!

I have never seen a full episode of Seinfeld in my entire life but I'm pretty sure I saw every episode of Punky Brewster, Different Strokes, Elf, and Charles in Charge growing up.

Speaking of TV - best show on it right now - a tie. Modern Family and Justified!

Per a forward from my sister-in-law. I just had to add this to the list because this is genius! Wont ever happen but its genius. To get a job (most jobs) you have to pass a urine test. If you get a job you pay taxes. Obama wants to "redistribute" those taxes and GIVE it to welfare recipients. Shouldn't there be a law that in order to continue sitting on your ass doing nothing you should at least have to pass a urine test to confirm that you are not on drugs? I bet we'd eliminate 98.7% of welfare recipients right there and then but again like I said, it wont happen!

Ok that's enough for now. I've rambled on too much. I just needed to post SOMETHING to get back on track. Ill have those reviews for Dark Knight and Se7en later this week to complete my Movie reviews for the summer movie marathon. Have a tubular Tuesday everyone. haha