Sunday, July 11, 2010

#20 - The 40 Year Old Virgin - 2005

The 40 year old Virgin was my 6th movie this week that I chose to watch. This was the longest movie I watched this week, a whopping 133 minutes and for a comedy that is long, very long. With that being said it was an excellent film on many different levels. Below is my detailed review.

The film has numerous great actors and some newbies who weren't quite noticed yet but who eventually have become pretty decent movie stars. The biggies are Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and Catherine Keener. The newbies are Seth Rogan, Elizabeth Banks, Leslie Mann, Kat Dennings, Jonah Hill, and Romany Malco.

Andy (Carell) is a real life 40 year old virgin. The film starts out by showing clips of Andy's typical morning including a proper breakfast but more humorously a bonner. Andy works at Smart Tech, think Circuit City, with a diverse group of co-workers. Most notable out of the gang is David (Rudd), Jay (Malco), and Cal (Rogan). There is an Indian employee, white female floor manager, and other employee's as well but these three are the main characters. They invite Andy to a poker game and it is there that they learn he is a virgin. This, to these three guys is mind blowing. Jay and Cal are sex crazed guys while David is more upset about the recent breakup with his girlfriend but they obviously all see Andy as a "project" case to basically get him laid. While playing poker Andy suggests he has a great life while we see small bits and pieces about that great life like playing the trombone, video games, and painting miniature figures.

The guys take Andy out to a bar and attempt to get him to meet a drunk girl. All the guys join a bachelorette party in progress and amongst all the dildo's and dick cake molds the guys including Andy joke with the women and seem to be having a wonderful time. Andy leaves with probably the most drunk girl of them all, Nicky (Mann), and goes on the ride of his life. After fearing his life in a crazy car ride that ends in an accident and puke all over himself Andy was not too fond of how the evening ended, who would be? The next day Andy meets Trish a women who sell's stuff for people on eBay. As the film moves along the guys continue to try and get Andy to loosen up. They get him drunk, get him smoking, and even lock him up in the home entertainment center room at smart tech and blast porn on the big screen. It is very clear that these guys will do anything to help Andy get laid!

In a continued attempt to help Andy Jay suggests that he gets his chest hair waxed off. In one of the funnier scenes in the film Andy gets a good portion of hair waxed and this is where we see the infamous "nooooooo Kelly Clarkson" quote yelled out by Andy. David states that he looks like a "manolantern". After that debacle had passed Andy see's Beth (Banks) at a book store and Cal tells him how he needs to talk to women. Andy goes up to Beth and in a humorous scene he talks with her and starts to feel a little more comfortable with women. David visits Andy later on and brings his box o porn along with him. At first Andy is not interested but as David left the Lionel Richie song "Hello" starts to play and we see Andy preparing for what looks to be masturbation to Space Nuts.

Next we see the trio invite Andy to lunch but what it really is is a date-a-thon. Basically it is speed dating. There are a few interesting women including one whose right breast falls out of her shirt while he is talking with her, very funny. While at the date a thon David see's his ex and it brings back memories for him but she obviously wants nothing to do with him. The next day at work David is drunk and belligerent and takes one of the video camera's and basically performs a live colostomy while Jay has other problems, girlfriend problems. Jay's girlfriend who just so happens to be the liquor store employee in Superbad comes barging in after finding a list of women's name and number's in Jay's clothes. Jay suggesting it was Andy's list and secretly behind her back asking for his help as she approached him Andy obliged and admitted it was his list. In his best ghetto talk he gave it to her and even suggested that Jay "check his bitch". Seeing Steve Carell use such language was so funny.

The guys set Andy up on a date with a transvestite prostitute and this only reiterates his desire to contact Trish. After building up the courage to walk into her store he goes in and asks for a date. In the background we see a nerdy looking Jonah Hill in what must have been one of his first major films. He is the weird guy buying the big shiny white boots. While Andy is getting ready for his date with Trish there is a funny scene with Cal and David while they are playing video games at Andy's place and bantering back and fourth with "you know how I know your gay" quips. Funny scene and even funnier in the deleted scenes section of the film on the special features. As Andy officially goes on his first date with Trish it goes good, so good that they end up back in her bedroom in easily one of the funniest scenes of the movie. As they attempt to do it Trish ask's Andy "do you have protection" and he hilariously responds "I don't like guns". After having a miserable time trying to put on a condom Trish's daughter barges in with her boyfriend and pure humiliation takes place. This leads Trish and Andy to come up with a date plan, 20 dates before they have sex which is perfectly fine for Andy.

Back at the store Andy is doing so well he becomes floor manager but Jay has an entertaining exchange with a customer who is looking for free warranties on an item. In a heated exchange filled with plenty of ghetto slang the scene ends with the customer threatening to come back and cap Jay and Jay lashes out "aim high willis aim high" due to the customers short height. We then see a compilation of Andy and Trish on their dates with the theme song to the Greatest American Hero as background music, loved it! Later on a fight between Trish and her daughter leads Andy to take her to a medical clinic to get more information on sex and birth control but it is obvious Andy is the one who needs the information more than anyone. Funny side note, the session leader at the clinic is actually Carell's wife in real life. Back at work Jay announces that his girlfriend is pregnant and invites everyone to a pregnancy party, at a bar none the less. Andy and Trish are continuing to package up his toys and after she throws herself at him and he freaks out about his toys they get into a huge argument that sends Andy to Jay's party where he gets drunk. As Jay see's him Andy who already is drunk says "hey hey hey motherfucker". You had to see it to fully understand how funny it was. Andy eventually see's Beth and after some flirting she takes him home. While at her place when she gets in the bath Andy has a change of heart and leaves to go back to his place where Trish is there waiting for him. Another fight erupts because she see's the box o porn and thinks Andy is some sort of freak. After leaving Andy gives chases to Trish on his moped and cue the "in the heat of the moment" music. After crashing through a billboard advertisement truck Andy admits he is a virgin to Trish. The film ends with Andy and Trish getting married and then consummating their marriage. There is an extended musical segment at the end of the film with some entertaining dancing by the cast which is even longer on the unrated dvd version.

All in all this was a great film. Considering its length (2 hours and 13 minutes) it never really lagged and always kept me interested. The cast was superb with Andy easily was my favorite character in this film. Jay was my second favorite with David as a close third. This film had sexual innuendo's throughout but I never felt like they were forced or overdone like some films do. They were all done to a point that we can all relate to and since there were so many different characters who played a pivotal part in this film it made it even that much better. Some of my favorite scene's were the chest waxing, Andy's talk with Jay's girlfriend, and David's hatred for the Michael McDonald dvd playing on a loop in the store on all the tv's. I really enjoyed this film and it introduced everyone to some new talented comedy actors that I have since enjoyed in other films. Overall I would easily give this film an A!

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