Sunday, July 11, 2010

#19 - Superbad - 2007

The 5th movie I decided to watch this week was Superbad, the 2007 smash hit comedy. This comedy was a breakout movie for two of the films stars and for a longer length film (119 minutes) it was pretty damn good! Below is my detailed description.

Superbad stars Michael Cera (Evan), Jonah Hill (Seth), and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fogell aka McLovin) as three horny high school students who are looking to score before high school ends. Really its just Seth who is determined to score but still its about this trio of friends and the encounters and adventures they go through. Also starring Emma Stone (Jules), Bill Hader (Officer Slater), and Seth Rogan (Officer Michaels) this film was really a breakout not only for Cera and Hill but also Stone.

Superbad starts out with Seth calling Evan and trying to decide on which porn website he wants to purchase. After some entertaining suggestions and thoughts Seth picks up Evan and checks out his mom's rack. It is evident early on when the Mom talks about them not going to college together that these two are basically like attached at the hip. There is an extremely high level of sexual talk and references in this film throughout and very evident at the beginning. It shows Evan dazing at his crush, Becca, in the classroom and then talking with her after-wards when she asks if he is attending a party. He awkwardly suggests that he will see because he has some many parties he attends and then we see snippets of him hanging out with Seth and Fogell and they are not at parties. As the film moves along the guys are in home ec and this is where Seth is teamed up with Jules. We also get our first glimpse of Fogell as he enters the room with his hilarious "baww chicaa wahh waaa" or however you would like to reference it. Just imagine rap lingo coming out of a skinny nerdy white dude. Very funny stuff!

Seth and Evan talk at lunch and there is a scene where Seth admits to Evan he had a problem when he was younger with drawing dicks, yes I said drawing dicks. It has a flashback to a young Seth and a plethora of dick pictures. Pretty crazy but funny none the less. Seth see's Jules and after being invited to her party he offers to get her booz for the party.

He does so because Fogell had notified the guys he was getting a fake id. Fogell did indeed but it wasn't just any fake id. He was an organ donor from Hawaii named McLovin. No first name, no last name, just McLovin. Seth obviously freaks out while Evan tries to calm him down. It doesn't work. Seth feels he needs to steal the booz and as they meet with Fogell at his work (a grocery store) who is wearing what Evan called "and Aladdin looking vest" Seth thinks about stealing booz but eventually chickens out. In a weird scene during one of Seth's visions of stealing the booz he gets slashed in the throat by a security guard and for a hot second it looks as if this is a horror film and no comedy at all. Very random and weird if you ask me.

Now more famously known as McLovin, Fogell goes to a liquor store to get the booz for the party but he is punched out by a robber. Enter in Officer Slater and Michaels (Hader and Rogan) and you've got the two stupidest cops on earth. Stupid as they may be they were hilarious. Hader was especially funny and stole every scene he was in. After interviewing McLovin they take him in their car and nearby Evan and Seth are thinking McLovin is getting arrested.

They try to find other ways to get booz and after getting hit by a strange guy in the parking lot Seth talks Evan into going with this guy to the party he is attending to steal some booz. As Seth and Evan go with that guy McLovin is with the cops who have to attend to a call at a bar. After apprehending the suspect, thanks to his own drunkenness the cops along with McLovin hang out at the bar for a little while. Meanwhile Seth and Evan go to a party and try to get booz. At this party Seth dances with the host's girlfriend and in a pretty gross scene she "periods" on him after he finds blood on his pants. Evan has his own problems as he is stuck in a room with a bunch of druggies snorting coke and is forced to sing. This scene was absolutely hilarious because of Evan's singing. There was another scene where Evan had trouble getting reception on his cell while on a call with Becca and he can be heard saying "bitch slap you so fucking hard piece of shit phone" and Becca hearing only certain words due to the reception was obviously confused. It was pretty funny.

McLovin on the other hand is enjoying getting to hold a gun and as the cops are called to the party Evan and Seth were at they accidentally hit Seth on the way there. Pandemonium follows as Evan after being on the ground gets up and runs away frantically and his running was so funny, you just had to see it. Officer Michaels gave chase unsuccessfully and later on said "he's the fastest man ever". Seth and McLovin escaped as well and after a breif altercation on a bus the trio find themselves at the party but not without quite an effort to get there. Becca is already drunk and is waiting for Evan and Seth becomes the party hero as he is welcomed by all because he has the booz. McLovin with his new found confidence goes up to Nicola, a hot chick that he stared at earlier in the film while in the hall of the school, and strikes up a conversation. That lead to some very humorous dancing moves by McLovin and eventually one of the funniest scenes in the movie, the bedroom sex scene with him and Nicola. During the sex scene McLovin admits to Nicola, "I have a bonner" and its one of those scenes you had to see to understand its hilarity.

Evan and Becca have moved upstairs at this point and both drunk as they are Becca is the more aggressive one and obviously drunker as well. In another hilarious scene she admits to Evan that she is "wet" and Evan replies" they said that would happen in health class". It wasn't just the quotes by Evan that were hilarious its Cera's deliveries that make it so funny. He can be so funny by being just so calm and quiet with his words. Becca eventually threw up and the two did not have sex. Seth on the other hand was having no luck in getting with Jules and accidentally hit her in the head while passing out in the back yard. After waking up briefly he sees the cops show up and yes it is Officer Slater and Michaels. While breaking up the party Hader's character Office Slater has an awesome dance scene that could be played over and over for multiple laughs. They actually break up McLovin's sex escapade but make it up to him by bringing him out of the house as if he were a dangerous criminal. The film ends with Seth and Evan seeing Becca and Jules at the mall the next day.

This movie had to be a high school and college students dream. It probably represents their life very accurately and although Im older I enjoyed it very much due to all the great characters in the film. My favorites were Evan and Officer Slater and in a close third McLovin. Although most loved Hill in this film as Seth I thought his character became too annoying at times and was selfish throughout. They all had their funny scenes but Evan had the best quotes throughout. One of my favorites was at the end when Seth was trying jeans that were obviously way too tight and saying how it was like one ball was above his dick and the other below and Evan said "yeah like a division sign". Its was small short quotes and quips like that which made him the best character and easily the funniest in this film. Even though it was long it didnt feel like it dragged on and it had plenty of enjoyable and funny scenes throughout. I would easily give this film an A-!

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