Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yesterday, March 30th, 2010 I took my Mom and Gma out to the Ronald Reagan Library to meet Sean Hannity as he launched his Conservative Victory 2010 Book Tour there in Simi Valley, CA. Mr. Hannity's new book was released yesterday and along with doing his radio and television shows there at the library he signed books for all the people who showed up. We were told when we arrived that he would be signing for everyone who showed up until they were gone and if he truly did that he might have been there until 11pm or so. When we left they were at numbers 450-475 and there were more than 1800 people with tickets so needless to say he had a lot of fans show up which was great!!

We were able to browse the library including going on Air Force One and seeing the new Miniature White House exhibit and even had lunch prior to get the book signed. We also had a chance to watch the first few minutes of the Hannity FOX News tv show before we had to go get in line for the book to get signed. It was an awesome experience being there at the Reagan Library watching the tv show that they were taping directly under Air Force One. What little parts we did see was Hannity's entrance to the stage and his rousing opening statements saying he wants Nancy Pelosi FIRED, Harry Reid FIRED, and for Barack Obama to be a one term President!! The crowd was electric and it was so nice to be around conservatives who shared the same concerns that I have with this administration and where they are taking us - and that is socialism! I later watched his show and got to see who he had there. I had seen Meg Whittman while we were there so I knew she was going to be on.

As for the book signing itself. I was very pleased that we were able to get our books signed, we had 4 total, one for myself and my wife, one for my Mom & Dad, one for my Gma, and one for my aunt. He signed all four and leaned over to greet my Gma with a hand chance and a thank you for being a conservative republican for so many years. Since the line moved so quickly we were not able to get a lot of pictures but the one posted on this blog is the best one I got. He was extremely friendly and sincere and was even high fiving the children in line. I am so happy I got a chance to meet him and that my Mom and Gma were able to share in that experience. I know it made my Gma's day to have met him and I was thankful for that. All in all it was a great day and a great experience and I am so glad that he had so many people come out to support him on the opening day of his book signing. I cant wait to read the book now!!

Friday, March 26, 2010


As I watched the Duke Blue Devils play Purdue tonight I realized one thing, this is not the soft Duke team from the past couple of years. They are more gritty, big, and physical than years past and if they keep there turnovers to a minimum and cant start to hit some more shots they have a real darn good chance of winning the Championship this year. Most would say I am crazy especially after seeing how Baylor played just a few hours before and knowing that most likely KU will be waiting for them in Indy but I think Im on to something here, I really do.

I wont embellish anymore on it for now but Im saying it right now, I think this Duke team is destined to win it all this year and I think they are going to do so by defeating Baylor on Sunday, KU next Saturday night and then Kansas St on Monday, April 5th. Call me crazy but I gotta feeling!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

TRUTH about America's War in Iraq! What the Liberals dont want people to know REVISITED on the 7 Year Anniversary!

I wrote this blog on November 5th, 2006 so obviously the information listed in this blog would only account for things that took place prior to that date. It is important to remember that with all the negative comments and views that the liberal biased media will put out today in regards to the Iraq War's 7 Year Anniversary there were and still are plenty of great things our brave American soldiers are doing over there that directly affect the safety and well being of all of us over here in the United States.

Some of the videos and pictures might no longer be available but there verbiage is all there plain and simple and cannot be disputed. It is sad that so many of our troops have died protecting our country and these are brave heroes who are doing so and I am grateful for them everyday but in this day and age where liberal biased media rules the airwaves it is important not to get caught up in their "lies" and "biased views" when speaking about the Iraq War.

I am thankful for the 8 years we had George W Bush as President and post 9/11 he kept our country safe and never wavered on his pursuit to capture and kill as many terrorists as possible and if any media outlets today say we are no safer than we were before then they might want to take a look at the last 14 months and see if they can find there answer there. When you elect a President who bows to other leaders and (governors for petes sake) and he cuts nuclear spending on missile defense funding then yeah your going to see our enemies strengthen and become more confident and dedicated than ever to attack us. For those who thought President Bush was bad and decided to elect the no experience Obama you can thank yourself for what we are dealing with right now and that is the worst President our nation has ever seen and its only going to get worse! So when viewing the biased media outlets today that speak of the Iraq War as a mistake keep in mind that you might not be getting the whole truth just like what we are witnessing with the Healthcare Reform Bill that is going on as I type this.

TRUTH about America's War in Iraq! What the Liberals dont want... - Kent's MySpace Blog |

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An open letter to Sean Penn

Ahhh Mr. Penn is at it again. Nothing this loon says anymore surprises me but sometimes every now and then he will go off at the mouth and say something so ignorant it makes you read twice, as this article did. Now lets start from the beginning and get the facts straight. We all know what he said about people who question his motives in Haiti and I think most people would agree his comment was absurd but I guess when you are a millionaire who is a celebrity you sometimes, more than often usually do not use common sense, hence Mr. Penn's statement.

So lets move forward to his little stint on Bill Maher's HBO show where he said anyone who calls Chavez a dictator should be put in jail for their lies. Ok so a few things here Id like to say. First, he could have easily be contracted with the asshole disease by just showing up on Maher's set but considering Penn already contracted that years ago that's null and void. Second, he is obviously not getting enough air time since his Oscar win last year and his lame shot at the Academy on Sunday's Oscar show went without much brouhaha so he needs to get his name back out there, get a story published by saying or doing something so stupid the news media just couldn't pass it up. Now we come to the third option, its real simple, this guy is just a liberal asshole who thrives on saying stupid things to get attention in which he can act like a tough guy because he is just angry at his life and has nothing better to do. I'm going to go with options two and three. So if I could broadcast directly into Mr. Penn's house, car, or laptop and send him a message this is what I would say.

Mr. Penn,

Hugo Chavez is fucking dictator who will burn in hell when he dies. Next time you meet him face to face why don't you spit on him and tell him its from the American people! You stand up for an individual who comes to our country and goes to the United Nations and calls our President the devil and then you somehow have the nerve to go on Bill Maher's show and speak out against people who speak out against Chavez? Get a life buddy. Maybe now that your done helping those in Haiti you can head to Iraq, yeah go over there. Why don't you go dine with the Taliban and speak out against those who speak out against al Qaeda? Go hang out with them and maybe you'll be far enough away that we wont hear from your ignorant ass again. So there Mr. Penn try and put me in jail, try to change the first amendment, try to send your watchdogs out and find me and throw me in jail but I wont be waiting because it wont happen. Contrary to what you may believe you are not powerful, you are not special, you are not a lawmaker, and you are not authorized to order anyone to do anything even though you don't seem to understand this. Why don't you just go back home, cradle your oscars, speak in front of your mirror, act tough, and live in your own little fantasyland you have created because I've got news big bad actor dude, you aint nothing but a big pile of shit and nobody listens to you man, instead you empower people (like me) to get online and write blogs and stories, and comments about how useless you are on this earth and how mindless you must be if you really think someone out there is listening to you and not laughing their ass off all while you sit there and actually think people care and people want to hear you and people will do what you say. I feel sorry for those around you and I feel sorry for those who have to work with you. Having to work with such ignorance and arrogance is something only Obama's staff must have to endure. Good riddance to you Mr. Penn, now go get a life!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

and the Oscar goes to.............................

The Oscars are less than an hour away from starting and since I was too late on entering any of the multiple online contests that were out there this year I thought I would list my picks here and see how I do. Here goes my picks for the 2010 Academy Award Winners. I am predicting I will pick 70% or more of them correct. Check back after the show to see how I did!!

Best Picture: The Hurt Locker
Best Actor: Jeff Bridges
Best Actress: Sandra Bullock
Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Waltz
Best Supporting Actress: Mo'Nique
Best Animated Feature: Up
Best Art Direction: Avatar
Best Cinematography: Avatar
Best Costume Design: The Young Victoria
Best Documentary Feature: Food Inc.
Best Documentary Short: The Last Truck: Closing of GM Plant
Best Film Editing: Avatar
Best Foreign Language Film: The White Ribbon
Best Makeup: The Young Victoria
Best Music: Sherlock Holmes
Best Original Song: The Weary Kind (Crazy Heart)
Best Short Film: French Roast
Best Short Film Live Action: Miracle Fish
Best Sound Editing: The Hurt Locker
Best Sound Mixing: Avatar
Best Visual Effects: Avatar
Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Up in the Air
Best Writing (Original Screenplay): Inglorious Basters

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why does our judicial system let us down when it comes to sexual predators?

The recent murder of 17 year old Chelsea King in San Diego has brought to light once again an agonizing failure of our judicial system on how they handle sex offenders in our country. It has been known to the public for quite some time now that the US judicial system when convicting and sentencing sex offenders, new or repeated ones, deserves nothing better than an F grade. This new case brings back into the limelight our judicial systems complete failure on how to handle these type of criminals and murderer's but lets not forget that it is happening more frequently than we are made to be aware.

We could look back at all the cases in the past 25 years where victims have been sexually assaulted and murdered and then add on top of that all the cases that involved victims who were sexually assaulted but lived through it as well, including children and I believe we would find a shocking and appalling trend. We would find a trend that shows a consistent and steady failure to imprison and in the death cases kill these monsters who live among us. Some might feel my wording is a bit strong especially for the sex offenders who did not murder there victims but I would disagree with you wholeheartedly and here is why.

In almost all of these cases these monsters are acting with premeditation and are fully aware of what they are doing. Put yourself in the shoes of an innocent child, a fun loving middle schooler, an energetic full of life high school teenager, or a future driven college student ready to take on life. Imagine that you have your whole life ahead of you, for the older ones dreams and ambitions in full affect and for the younger ones a trust that is almost unheard of because you have never known anything different. Add the fact that these victims are somebody's child, brother, sister, cousin, or friend. In some cases with those who are a bit older they are taken away from this life leaving behind young children themselves who will never know who there mother or in some cases father was.

I am aware that there are adults murdered all the time in this country and plenty of other crimes that go on that are disturbing and sad as well but it really rubs me the wrong way that our judicial system continually lets inmates go free who have committed a sexual assault before and in many of these cases these are the individuals who attack again and in a lot of the cases rape and murder brand new victims who don't deserve to die. Considering these animals know what they are doing and continually do so it brings me to the question, why don't we just do the following with these types of individuals.

* anyone who is found guilty of a sexual assault against another person should immediately be given life in jail without parole, no questions asked

* anyone who is found guilty of a sexual assault and ends up murdering there victim should be given the death penalty and actual be put to death immediately, no questions asked.

This most recent case involving John Gardner is proof that when we let these monsters out again and again they will continue to harm people and even kill people. I have no doubt in my mind Gardner is responsible for more deaths than just Chelsea's. Had the system put him away when he first sexually assaulted that 13 year old girl none of this would have happened. I could get into more details about all kinds of things relating to my opinions on this but the simple fact is we need to wake up and our judicial systems need to wake up and start actually treating these animals like they should be treated. Put them away for life or put them to death but NEVER under any circumstances let these criminals and murderer's every see the outside of a jail cell ever again. Maybe if our system became more strict and actually toughened up a lit bit these monsters out there would get the point and maybe start to re-think plans that they may have to further harm more people in the future. It would be naive to think we could catch them all but if we cant do that why not scare the hell out of them and start executing and putting these guys away for life that do get caught. There is no guarantee it would have any affect at all on these animals but even if it doesn't at least we are getting rid of these pieces of garbage once and for all and even if it saved one life wouldn't it be worth it.

May Chelsea King rest in peace and may John Gardner burn in hell.

Monday, March 1, 2010


My wife and I went to Lake Arrowhead this weekend for a quick weekend getaway and what we found was a hidden treasure. Upon checking in at our hotel early Saturday morning the front desk attendant mentioned that there was a nice little restaurant called Belgian Waffle Works which sits right on the lake with nice views of the lake that had amazing waffles. Since we had left early Saturday morning and it was only 9am we thought we would head over and see what it was like.

Since Saturday there was a bad storm coming in to the mountains the restaurant was not packed at all. It had a nice victorian looking interior and you could tell is was family owned. There was not a lot of seating inside but on warmer summer days they did have an outdoor area that I'm sure gets used to the maximum capacity. Now obviously we had to try these amazing waffles so we each got the "Little breakfast" and along with toast we had our breakfast agenda nailed down. Before we get to the waffles let me just say this, the bacon that they had was awesome. Fans of crispy bacon would have loved it and I honestly thinks its one of the best I've ever had, absolutely awesome!! There sourdough toast was great as well as was the eggs but lets move on to the real deal, the waffles!!

The waffles came with a little cup of syrup and a half a cup of melted butter which had a faint touch of lemon in it, not that much at all but just enough to know it was a little different that normal butter. The waffles came out sprinkled with powdered sugar and a full amount it two large waffles and a half is only one. The waffles itself were perfectly crispy on all four corners and had a very unique and different taste than any other waffle you've ever had. You could tell this wasn't your ordinary Denny's or IHOP waffle. Along with the powdered sugar, butter, and syrup and the natural taste of these waffles they were easily the greatest waffle I've ever had, hands down no comparison. We enjoyed the breakfast so much that on Sunday morning before driving home we went there again and got the exact same meals, yes it was that good!!

So if your ever up in the Lake Arrowhead area or driving up to Big Bear in and around breakfast time I highly suggest you stop off at the Lake Arrowhead village and visit the Belgian Waffle Works restaurant because you wont find a better waffle, I guarantee it! I have added a link to the website below and although you wouldnt have the luxury of having the lemon butter you can order the waffle mix online if interested. Enjoy.