Friday, June 29, 2012

Radiator Springs Racer - Cars Land = 13,320 seconds

My wife and I had the privilege to get to ride on Radiator Springs Racer, the new ride in California Adventure’s brand new Cars Land which during its opening weekend. Two words – VERY COOL!
Now considering it was opening weekend, we got there at 8:15am, only 15 minutes after the open of the park we were amazed at the line for the fast pass for this ride which was prior to the entrance of Cars Land itself and later we found out that all the fast passes were gone for the day at 8:25am, only 25 minutes after the park opened its gates. This basically meant we were headed to the ride to wait for it and my best guess was it might be an hour at the most considering we were so early, WRONG, WRONG WRONG was I!
There was a guy in the middle of the “street” on Cars Land yelling, “Radiator Springs Racers is a 4 hour wait time”, I looked at my wife and said, “No way, I don’t believe it” and we continued on. The sign said 210 minutes (3 ½ hours) but the person at the line entrance said it’s more like 2 ½ hours so we figured here we go. My wife went and got some breakfast for us at Flo’s CafĂ© which was pretty good and came back as we ate in line. It was moving ok but still taking awhile and at one point I thought to myself, wow this really could be almost 4 hours.

About an hour and a half in though we started talking with the family in front of us along with the guy behind us and it made the time literally fly by. We had a couple of comedians around us so it made it so much more bearable considering the final wait time we ended up waiting. Since it was 6 to a car, 3 to a row and the family in front of us had 7 total we made up the last 2 and rode with one of them and raced the rest of the family.
Now since I'm not sure how many people reading this have not yet gone on the ride I won’t list any spoilers or info about the ride other than this. It lasts 4 minutes and its fun, absolutely fun!! I have attached a little collage of some pics we snapped. I cannot wait to go on this ride in the dark, I believe that would make it even better. Now for the big reveal as if some people didn’t get it from the subject, the actual wait time.
13,320 seconds, you do the math! haha

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The many faces of ME!

HAHAHA - Love this app and to anwser everyone's burning question, yes I was an original member of Kid N Play, we were a trio!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Should I be worried or excited?

Hmmm, should I be worried or excited is the question of the day? My daughter loves to pick out movies and books from our book shelf and dvd collection and we have noticed that for the last week she brings out two movies every single time, "The Off Season", a horror flick, and "The Dukes of Hazard" starring none other than Jessica Simpson. Now we have a total of about 25 movies per shelf so for her to pick the same two movies each time makes me wonder.

One on side I think ok Jessica Simpson, I can see that, my daughter has good taste and knows anything with Jessica Simpson in it must be slendid. On the other side I think, the Off Season, moreso a HORROR movie? Ok this both excites me and scares me. The thought of her becoming an avid horror fan like Daddy delights me but also mildly (sometimes not so midly) concerns me as well. I cant wait for the day that she gets to go with Mommy and Daddy to the Halloween Haunt however I know some of the horror movies I like, I think she can wait for about 17-18 years for that, haha.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

When Justin Timberlake Tweets back!

Learned something new last night, when Justin Timberlake tweets you back a reply, your email, twitter mentions, and interactions goes completley off the hook! WOW! Met some cool new people last night via Twitter.

Thanks Justin!

Thursday, June 7, 2012