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#15 - American Pie - 1999

Its Outrageous Comedy week for me in this the start of my third week of my Big Fat Summer Movie Marathon. I decided to start this week out with one of my favorite comedies of all time and a movie that had one of my favorite single scene's ever, its American Pie from 1999 and you'll have to read below to see what scene Im talking about. Below is my detailed review for this film.

American Pie is a movie about 4 high school virgin's who make a pact to have sex before there senior year ends. These 4 students are Jim (Jason Biggs), Chris (Chris Klein), Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), and Paul Finch better known as Shitbreak (Eddie Kaye Thomas). This film's female stars are Victoria (Tara Reid), Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), Heather (Mena Suvari), and Jessica (Natasha Lyonne). Other notable stars are Stifler (Sean William Scott), Jim's Dad (Eugene Levy), Stifler's Mom (Jennifer Coolige), and Chuck Sherman (Chris Owen). Obviously a very funny and diverse cast was set for this film and one funny side note is that Alyson Hannigan was actually offered the part of part of Heather but after reading the script asked to play the part of Michelle instead.

This film starts out with a classic scene right from the get go. I cant imagine many audience's around the country not laughing out loud after the first 2 minutes of this movie started. We see Jim in his bedroom tuned into a channel that is not coming in clearly but it obviously playing porn as we can hear the moans. He is sitting on the end of his bed with a socket over his, ya know, and his mom walks in. As she tried to figure out what is on the tv Jim states "its a nature channel" or something and then his dad walks in and it gets even better. As the moans become louder his mom says "I think he is trying to access some illegal channels" and then we hear "smack my hairy ass Jim's dad says "whats that" and then goes to grab the pillow Jim had covered himself with and it is evident what is going on. That is how this film starts and it only gets better. No words typed can explain the hilarity of the scene and you just have to see if for yourself to get the full experience, kinda of like with this whole movie!

The next scene's just bring in the new characters and show the guys at school. We see right off the bat that Stifler is the school jock/asshole but is still friends with these guys. Chris is his teammate on the Lacrosse team. Finch we learn is called "shitbreak" because he cannot take a shit at the school restrooms and has to go home anytime he has to go. After preparing for the upcoming party Jim asks the guys "what does 3rd base feel like", Chris responds, "like warm apple pie". This would come into play later and probably a good reason the title of the film is called what it is. At the party Stifler is welcoming people and also wondering why certain ones are there, like the nerdy loser Chuck Sherman. In one scene as Sherman goes to high five Stifler, Stifler responds by saying "what the fuck are you doing here"? It may not sound as funny as it is to watch it, but it was funny. Later as Sherman is eyeing a hottie at the party he calls himself the "Sherminator" which is to damn funny. As he goes to talk to the girl Jim says "go get em tiger". Jim's deliveries in this film are classic and what makes this film so funny to me. He is easily the funniest character in the film, hands down!! Meanwhile Chris who is on a date with a college chick spews out the cheesy line "suck me beautiful" and "my friends call me Nova, as in Cassanova". The girls reaction is what one would expect and we clearly see how little "game" these guys really have. While at the party some students come across a picture of Stifler's mom and yell out "milf". This is the first time I personally heard this saying which really meant "moms Id like to fuck", cute huh? haha.

As the movie moves along Jim's dad visits him in his room and has a brown bag full of goodies, actually pornographic magazines. Watching Eugene Levy explain the woman's body in detail to his son was absolutely hilarious.

Chris on the other hand decided to join the choir and that is where he meets Heather, a girl who looks to be a goody too shoe singer. After a few conversations back and fourth she actually asks him to prom after one of his Lacrosse games much to the rude antics of Stifler. Back to Jim know in one of the more "oh my god did he just do that" scenes. After arriving home Jim see's a freshly baked apple pie sitting on the counter top in the kitchen. At first glance the audience has to know what he is thinking but couldn't have imagined the full extent could they? I sure didn't. He decides to stick his fingers in the pie and after doing that for a short time he takes it further. We see Jim's Dad arrive back home from work and he walks in on his son naked on top of the apple pie. A quick shot to Jim and his dad sitting in front of the mangled pie leads Jim's dad to say "we will just tell your mother we ate it all". haha. Too damn funny!!

Kevin and his girlfriend Victoria are still debating about their relationship and both are nervous and anxious to have sex. They confide in their friends for support. Back to Jim, again and this time his dad catches him upstairs and has another talk with him, this time about masturbation in front of the family portrait. Now the family portrait reminds me of two of my friends family portrait they have at their parents house so every time I see it, it makes me laugh. The conversation again is class between dad and son and I was literally watch an entire movie with just Jim and his dad throughout. We could call it, The Conversations between Jim and his Dad. Boy wasn't that original or not? As the movie goes on the guys start to notice Finch all of a sudden has a reputation and they don't understand how. Talks of his well endowed package, brutal fights, and affairs with married women are strewn across campus with the women students but the guys cant figure out how or where they are coming from? Turns out Finch paid Jessica $200 to spread some rumors and she embellished a bit and wallaaa, the end result is rumorville across the campus.

Nadia asks Jim after class for some help with some homework and he offers to help and she says she will come over after ballet class. Jim is ecstatic and is talked into videotaping her on his web cam and to send the link out to only a few friends, problem is he sent it out to the entire school directory. After entering Jim's room, Jim decides to leave so Nadia can change and he runs down the street to his friends house to watch his handy work on the internet. Nadia undresses all the way down to her underwear. As Jim, Kevin, and Finch watch with joy Kevin suggests if Jim ever has a chance now is the time since he has a naked girl on his bed. He runs back over amidst the Blink 182 music in the background which was a nice touch since they had a cameo in this part of the movie as they were watching online with a friend. When he gets to his door he opens it and embarrasses Nadia and she says "shame on you Jim". Basically she tells him he needs to now strip and dance for her and realizing that he is online but not realizing he is online with the entire students of his high school makes this even funnier. In one of the funniest scenes Ive ever seen in a movie Nadia turns the radio dial to some club trance type music and Jim strips and dances away. Literally no words can describe this scene so I have decided to add a video of it here in this post. I'm going to do this now with some scenes that I believe are either just too funny or cool or awesome to describe in words and this one fits in the funny category without a doubt. Check it out. Quality isn't the greatest but its the best I could find online.

Stifler gets denied for a date by a girl because she is waiting for Finch to ask her and he decides to out Finch to the rest of the school. By outing him I mean making him go to the bathroom at school. After a little laxative mix is put in Finch's drink Stifler leads him to the WOMEN'S restroom and you can imagine what happens next. After all is said and done Finch walks out in front of a crowd of students laughing at him.

Jim ends up asking a girl named Michelle who is in the band at the school to prom as it seems she has no clue of what took place online with him. He basically felt she would be the only one to go with him even if it meant he would hear numerous stories that started with "this one time at band camp". Meanwhile Chris finds out that the Choir competition is on the same day as his Lacrosse teams final game. After starting the game with his Lacrosse team he ditches them to go join Heather and sing in the competition. Next is prom and we see the guys getting ready for the big day but more importantly big night. Not all that much happened at prom except for the girl Sherman went with outing him in front of the entire school by saying she did not sleep with him as he had told everyone. She also said he wet's himself when he gets nervous and true to form he did.

As the movie reached its end the scene switched to the prom after party at Stiflers. Heather and Chris makeout outdoors on the dock, Kevin and Victoria do it for the first time in one of the rooms and Finch meets Stiflers Mom in the game room. The use of the song "Ms. Robinson" was creatively added for this scene and fit like a glove. Finch would end up scoring with Stiflers mom and Stifler the next morning would walk in to witness the aftermath. Meanwhile Jim and Michelle continued talking and Jim found out Michelle really did know what had happened with him online and felt he was a sure bet. As the enter into Stifler's brothers room Jim excitedly jumps on the bed and bounces right off of it. As they get down to business Michelle yells out "what's my name, say my name bitch" much to the surprise of Jim. This line was actually ad libbed on the spot by Alyson Hannigan and the producers liked it so much they kept it in the movie and eventually it became one of the most famous lines of the entire film. After a successful and satisfying prom night the guys all meet up for some food at the local restaurant and the finishing line of the movie has them all saying "to the next step" while raising their cups. The movie officially ends there but as the credits run with Barenaked Ladies "One Week" playing in the background we see Jim setting up the web cam for Nadia and once again dancing the day away. A great ending for a great film!!

This film was great on so many levels. It dared us all to not laugh at such raunchy and crude scenes, most sexual in nature and I guarantee most of us failed. It was too hard not to laugh and it rang in a new era of comedy. It was one of those movies were you think to yourself, I could see that happening, or I heard of that happening or that's totally how it is in high school. Speaking of high school, I was surprised to find out that the exterior shots of the HS were filmed at Millikan HS in Long Beach, CA while the interior shots were filmed at Long Beach Poly HS also in Long Beach, CA. My favorite actor in this one was Jim, hands down and then Jim's dad a close second. Stifler was good too but actually got better in the 2nd and 3rd ones. There isn't much I can say negative about this film, nothing in fact. The only thing that would have made it better would be if it were about 15 minutes longer and all of those 15 minutes were scenes with Jim and his dad in it, yeah that would have been perfect. No surprise here, this one gets an A+!

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