Friday, July 16, 2010

#25 - Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever - 2009

The 4th film I watched this week was Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. I chose this movie because I enjoyed the first film and was interested to see how this sequel added up. The first film had a lot of components that I enjoy in horror films. An outdoor theme in the woods, group of youngsters going away on a trip to a cabin, and of course a campfire scene. haha. This second film had none of that whatsoever. Below is my detailed review.

This review will easily be my shortest review to date. One simple reason why. This was probably the single worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Had I not set this on my movie list for this summer I would have easily turned it off about 15 minutes in but since I needed to write a review on it I went ahead and wasted the remaining 1 hour and 18 minutes and watched it. It got even worse. I would normally list some actors at this point of my review but there is no need, they were all terrible and their characters were pointless so spending time writing about them would be another waste of time.

This movie picks up from where the first one left out and after a horrific and gruesome opening scene it went all downhill after that. I cant even start to explain the storyline because it had no flow, no meaning, and no point, AT ALL! Yes I just used all caps and I rarely do that. This film was that bad and in fact it was so bad this whole damn review should be done in all caps. haha.

Lets see here what can I talk positively about in this film? Oh yeah one thing. There is a scene in the film that is approx 3 minutes in length that show the main character walking home a girl on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. The background shots and angle in this part of the film look a bit similar to the girls walking home from school in the classic film Halloween. There we go that was about it, the one single scene that was decent at best.

This film was fluttered with sick and disgusting material that had no relevance to the story itself. Its almost as if a group of people came together and said what kind of sick and disgusting things can we film to make this shocking and get a rise out of people without even thinking about how gross and pointless it truly was. Now don't get me wrong I expect horror films to be heavy on blood, gore, torture, and scares but all within the elements of the story. Have some films gone too far, yes but this one was like it was forcing it down our throats and it didn't care whether we asked for it or not. Here is a list of some of the scenes I am referring to. A janitor urinating in the punch bowl at the prom and then watching that urination turn from clear to blood. A student super gluing his finger nail back on amidst the puss and blood. A student pulling out his penis and watching puss and blood pour out. Ok Ill stop there but yes those were all visuals that the producers of this film felt were screen worthy. On top of that there was a bunny mascot parading around throughout the film that I couldn't understand why it was there but after some research I found out it was the school mascot. Still pointless! If I could I would give this film an F- but considering the grade F is pretty much the lowest grade you can receive that is what I give this movie, a big fat firm F!

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