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#16 - Wedding Crashers - 2005

Wedding Crashers was the 2nd film I chose to watch for Outrageous Comedy week and today I'm sitting here thinking about some of the scenes just laughing, this movie was that funny. I chose this one since I hadn't seen it for awhile and I was quickly reminded of why I loved it so much back when I originally saw it. This was one of those rare movies that I actually remember seeing the trailer for and waiting anxiously for it to open. Below is my detailed review of this film.

Wedding Crashers stars Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson divorce mediators Jeremy Grey and John Beckwith, two lifelong friends who crash weddings to sleep with women. This movie has some A-lister's for sure including Christopher Walken as Secretary William Clearly, Jane Seymour as his wife, Kathleen Cleary and daughters Claire Cleary played by Rachel McAdams and Gloria Cleary played by Isla Fisher. This film is also the first time I saw Bradley Cooper and if I recall I believe this kinda jump started his career? He plays Claire's boyfriend Zachary Lodge.

This is one of those films that has so many memorable quotes and scenes its hard to keep track. There is no way possible to remember them all but Ill do my best to explain the ones that stuck out to me. This film starts out with Jeremy and John mediating a divorce between two clients. We can immediately see that Jeremy (Vaughn) is a fast talking hot shot right from the get go and this sets up his character well. We see Jeremy and John both get equally excited about what time of year it is, "wedding season". The film quickly follows these two on their journeys to multiple weddings and displays how they fit in and mingle with each wedding they attend. Whether it is giving toasts, hoisting the bride up in a chair, making balloon animals, or leading a dance line at the reception these guys obviously know how to party and know how to do it without getting caught. This is due to the extensive planning and preparation that goes into each wedding, some more than others. They even have the Rules of Wedding crashing some of which are revealed throughout the movie. After a bevy of weddings, women, and booz we see Jeremy and John at work again after the "wedding season" has come and gone. Jeremy walks into John's office with a newspaper showing the announcement of a wedding. It is the wedding of Secretary Cleary's daughter and it is sure to be the social wedding of the year. Jeremy states there will be 200 single available women and although John is more skeptical and ready for the "off season" the duo plans for the wedding crash of all wedding crashes.

Jeremy and John arrive at the wedding of Secretary Cleary's daughter and there is a small cameo by Senator John McCain and political strategist James Carville. Kinda funny in a comedy of this nature. As the duo gets to the wedding they immediately start scoping the place out. Jeremy see's Gloria Cleary walking down the isle and calls dibs which is no problem with John, he already has his eyes set on Claire. As the duo enters the gigantic backyard for the cocktail hour and reception they are ready to hunt down their targets and score. While Jeremy is enjoying all the wonderful hors d'oeuvres and finger foods John goes over to introduce himself to Claire while dropping off a wedding gift at the gift table. Jeremy decides to make some balloon animals and runs into a smart ass kid with a crazy request but it eventually leads Gloria over to him which was his plan from the start. Isla Fisher plays the part of Gloria and she is exceptional in this film as the crazy clingy immature youngest daughter of the Secretary. As Jeremy and Gloria dance and he shows his "fake" softer side and starts to cry and walk away she quickly chases him down as he heads towards the beach. Meanwhile John has danced with the Secretary's wife and then made small talk with politics with Secretary Cleary himself. As John and Sec. Cleary share a stogy Claire joins them and then gets a chance to talk to John even more. Over at the sand on the beach Jeremy and Gloria have apparently just finished doing the deed and an overly joyous and excited Gloria speaks about how it was her first time and goes on to tell in her giddiest voice possible how she loves Jeremy, this freaks Jeremy out beyond belief, so much so that her declares a Code Red when meeting back with John at the reception.

As John is telling Jeremy he needs more time Jeremy persistently gets more upset with John as he doesn't "fully understand the gravity of the situation", I love that line! As it turns out they are invited to the Cleary's for the weekend and although John happily accepts Jeremy is much more reluctant. There is a hilarious scene that I don't recall seeing on the big screen where one of Jeremy's catches at another wedding who happens to be there spots him and Jeremy and John go into the "rules of wedding crashing" to help them escape this possible disaster. The make up a story where Jeremy had an accident and no longer remembers people and is also deaf. I know there is more to the story that I am missing but it doesn't really matter, all that matters is that Vaughn is playing a guy who cant remember or hear and uses hand signals as a form of communication with Wilson and it is so funny. Sure enough it fooled the girl and they were safe to head out with the Cleary's undiscovered.

As they arrive at the Cleary compound Zach quickly offers up a game of touch football which is hardly that. In one of the funnier scenes of the movie Jeremy and John come out of the house dressed as if they are ready for a posh polo event rather than a game of football. During the game Zach's competitive nature comes out and he pummels Jeremy not once, but twice to the point where he literally uttered "I cant breathe, really I cant breathe". After the game is over Gloria is tending to Jeremy's scratched leg and has a bit of a tempter tantrum that Jeremy quickly squashes to make things better but she utters the words "don't you leave me because if you do, Ill find you" and the "Ill find you" was in the creepiest most stalkish possible tone you could imagine, very funny and brilliantly acted by Fisher.

Things got even better at the dinner table when Gloria gave Jeremy a hand job under the table unbeknown to anyone else and at this point it is Vaughn who steals the scene. After spiking Zach's drink to cause him digestion problems to gain more time with Claire John tries to get closer to her but the plan backfires when she has to tend to Zach through the night. As the film moves along Jeremy awakens to a naked Gloria on top of him tying his arms to the bed posts. Her seduction only doors away for the US Secretary is just the beginning of his problems. Later on he is again awakened by the Cleary's son, Todd who believes the two had "a moment". Watching Vaughn freak out in this scene was priceless. Todd shows off his painting he made for Jeremy before hiding in the closet as the Secretary barged in.

The next morning Jeremy is ready to bolt but John convinces him to stay and they all go out on a boat ride sans Zach who is still recovering but also investigating who this duo really is. After they get back it is time for some quail hunting where again we see Jeremy and John in funny looking clothing, this time in hunting gear. After overreacting to a shot John accidentally shoots Jeremy in the ass.

As Gloria is again attending to Jeremy, John goes out on a bike ride with Claire and on the beach they have a moment where they kiss and it is evident she is questioning her relationship with Zach. As they return back to the house Zach exposes Jeremy and John for who they really are after getting the information he desired. We see Jeremy and John with Jeremy holding his painting by Todd walk down the road as they leave the Clearly's.

Once back home John tries unsuccessfully to meet with Claire at her rehearsal dinner party that is in town and eventually goes down a dark, dreary road that leads him to contact Chazz, the legendary wedding crasher himself. Chazz, played by Will Ferrell is a wedding crasher who lives at home with his mom and is basically a jerk. His role was could easily have been left out of this film as the scenes with him really didn't add anything special to this film. After trying to reconnect with John and check up on him, Jeremy finally gets in touch with him and notifies him that he is getting married to none other than Gloria Cleary. He wants John to be his best man. After some unsuccessful wedding and funeral crashes John realizes what is important in life and barely makes it to Jeremy and Gloria's wedding. Upon arriving there he shares how he truly feels about Claire and she expresses what she had been holding in too, how she fell for him and didn't want to really marry Zach. In one of the more "oh hell yeah" scenes Zach approaches John to take a punch at him but gets cold cocked by Jeremy before reaching him. The film ends with John kissing Claire and the quartet taking off in a car and planning which wedding to crash. Very cool ending to a very cool film!

When I say this film had it all I mean this film had it all. It was great from start to finish. Vaughn was easily my favorite actor in this film and he was basically the best part of every scene he was in. He was the perfect actor for this movie and although Wilson was good, he didn't compare to Vaughn, then again nobody did. Fisher was great as well as the first thought innocent but turned bad crazy girl who Vaughn eventually marries. From the football scenes to the dinner scenes to the quail hunting scenes there were so many memorable scenes in this movie. How could I forget the bedroom scene with Vaughn. This movie is one of those movies that had so many funny scenes its hard to capture the comedic element of all of them in one review. All I can say is if you haven't seen this movie go rent it, scratch it, buy it and if you already own it watch it again, its well worth every single 128 minutes worth!! Second outrageous comedy and second straight A+!

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