Friday, July 9, 2010

#18 - Role Models - 2008

Roles Models was the 4th film I decided to watch this week and although it wasn't quite as funny as I remember when I first saw it, it is a solid comedy with some very hilarious scenes. This was one of the shorter movies I am watching this week but still have some pretty cool scenes.

This film wasn't heavy on big name actors but surprisingly enough it was the kids in this film that actually had some of the best scenes. Paul Rudd plays Danny and his co-worker Wheeler is played by Sean Williams Scott. Rudd is always great and Scott was funny as usual but I cant help but see Stifler from the American Pie films in most roles he plays. He is like the perfect guy to play the party sex crazed nut in movies. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLoving from Superbad) plays Augie and Bobb'e J Thompson plays Ronnie two children who Danny and Wheeler have to mentor at Sturdy Wings. This film also stars Elizabeth Banks as Beth, Jane Lynch and the Sturdy Wings Leader, Ken Jeong as King Argotron, and A.D. Miles as Martin Gary. Miles was hilarious in every scene he was in.

This movie starts out showing Danny and Wheeler going school to school promoting their energy drink. They drive around in a large truck, what looks to be a Dodge Ram that is dressed up to be a Minotaur. Wheeler actually is the mascot while Danny pitches the drink to all the schools. After an event at one school Wheeler brings Danny back to the office where they had a surprise party for him honoring his 10 years at the company. Danny feels he is in a dead end job and although Wheeler loves it Danny feels that there must be more out there. We see Danny at a coffee shop with his girlfriend Beth and in a scene that would remind me of something I would think (But would probably not do) at a coffee shop Danny argues back and fourth with the employee about the sizing of the drinks. Personally I cant stand coffee shops myself and I hate starbucks so I enjoyed this scene very much. Venti, what the hell is a Venti anyways, just call it large damn it! haha. Beth becomes irritated with Danny and shortly thereafter while she is in with a client (she is a lawyer) Danny bursts in for an impromptu and possibly worst proposal ever and she kindly rejects and tells him she is moving out and breaking up with him.

After being broken up with Danny isn't quite the ideal pitchmen to be talking at school's about energy drinks anymore. After a terrible experience at one school they walk out to find their truck being towed. Already having a terrible day Danny gets in the truck and breaks free of the tow truck but runs up onto the statue outside of the school. This lands Danny and Wheeler since he was in the truck with him in some pretty deep trouble. Danny's now ex-girlfriend Beth acting as their attorney spares them time in the slammer but they are required to do 140 hours or community service and that is where Sturdy Wings comes in. Sturdy Wings is basically like a boys & girls club/big brother facility that teams up adults with kids who are either from broken families or have personal problems whatever they may be. Gayle Sweeny is the founder of Sturdy Wings but as evidence from an introduction video the guys are shown she came through a lot as a youngster herself and her continual sex and drug references throughout give an indication of some of the struggles she had. Her bluntness throughout the film is quite funny but she is so butch its ridiculous.

At the initial introduction there are several funny scenes. We first see Martin Gary (Miles) who is a 5 year participant and is about as dorky as they come. His demeanor, comments, and antics are quite comical. At one point Danny suggests "jail would be better". In one of the funniest scenes Gayle demonstrates on Martin the proper way to "hug" the children. After demonstrating one way option that would have the big behind the little Wheeler spouts out, "obviously were not supposed to buttfuck these kids". Absolutely hilarious!! The guys are then introduced to their "little's". Danny meets Augie (Mintz-Plasse) who is an older little who is obsessed with the Medieval reenactment game LAIRE. He wears a cape and basically just think Lord of the Rings with real people and you'll have an idea of what he is like. On the other hand Wheeler meets his little named Ronnie who is a smart ass foul mouthed younger kid who is all kinds of trouble. Ronnie's language is shocking at first due to his age but it is funny none the less. Rumor has it his parents had to be on set at all times due to the foul language he spewed throughout the movie and that actually doesn't surprise me.

As Danny and Wheeler get to know there kids more they find themselves in more compromising situations. While going with Augie to his LAIRE meetings or get togethers you could say Danny is trying to comprehend it and is unwilling to bow to King Argotron which is a big no-no in the land of LAIRE. Meanwhile Wheeler is having even more trouble with Ronnie who while at a stop at a liquor store locks him out of his jeep and starts driving around his car. We get the idea pretty quickly that the guys have their hands full right from the get go. In a funny but most inappropriate scene Wheeler explains who KISS is an more importantly to him what the song "Love Gun" is about. Pretty funny stuff. Shortly after that the guys learn that they will be going on an overnighter with the littles up at Big Bear. From the horrible guitar playing to the pathetic ghost stories to the boobie watching and Martin pooping in a bucket the camping scenes were pretty funny. At one point one of the big's said he is going to go make marshmallows with white chocolate and Martin replied "I don't know if I'm comfortable with that", haha. Funnier to be seen that to be read, trust me. The camping scene concludes with a naked Wheeler passed out from too many ambien laying in the middle of the campfire area, classic Wheeler or classic Stifler?? haha

As the movie moves forward Wheeler takes Ronnie to a party and after leaving him to play video games to get with a girl he comes back to see he is gone and has voicemails from Ronnie's mother notifying him he walked all the way home by himself. Things weren't that much better for Danny either. After participating with Augie in a LAIRE battle Augie claims to have actually killed King Argotron and after the King calls him a liar and attempts to embarrass him Danny comes to his defense and in returns calls the King a liar. The King eventually banned Augie from LAIRE forever which upset him very much as in a way it was the biggest part of his life.

In an attempt to make peace with the littles Wheeler makes up with Ronnie and promises his mom he will be there for him and Danny visits Augie and ends up staying for dinner with his mom and step dad. Throughout the dinner Augies parents continually make fun of him in an indirect way and complain about his hobbies, etc to the point where Danny unleashes on them at one point saying to Augie across the table "I feel sorry for you kid".

As the movie nears the end Danny goes to apologize to the King and asks him to reinstate Augie into LAIRE. After the King agrees Danny goes to his house and lures him out to tell him the good news and they prepare for battle. After finding out that his team no longer wants him Augie starts to freak out but Danny suggested starting their own country and after asking for Wheeler's help we are treated to one of the cooler scenes in the film. Danny, Augie, Wheeler, and Ronnie all dress up with makeup and all like KISS and create their own country. With a KISS rock song blasting they enter in the Minotaur truck and arrive for battle.

After an opening speech by Augie they embark into the battle field. As the battle continued Augie eventually killed King Argotron but then Esplen came in to kill him and become queen. Esplen was a girl whom Augie had a crush on so he wasn't all that disappointed. With Augies parents, Ronnie's mom, Sturdy Wings founder Gayle, and Danny's ex Beth all present and cheering them on the end of this film ended quite well for all the characters. Danny did an impromptu song to Beth which was horrendous and heartfelt at the same time and the final scene of this film after a minute or two of credits shows Gayle showing Augie's step dad her Bagledog trick. To know what I am referring to you just have to see the movie, that's all I can say. Very funny though and you wont look at a bagledog the same ever again! haha.

This movie had a unique way of mixing a heartfelt message with foul mouthed language and sexual innuendos and that's not an easy thing to do. The message ended up being a good one even though the content might have been too adult for some. My favorite character in this film had to be Ronnie, the youngster with a sailors mouth. As much as I like Paul Rudd this kid just stole every scene he was in and to be honest with you Miles character Martin Gary might have been second on my list. He was really really funny. I would have probably given this film a higher grade had there been more scenes with Martin and maybe more of the outdoor stuff shown. With that being said this movie still had plenty of great lines, it was always moving and never really lagged and by the end you were actually rooting for Danny and Wheeler and Augie of course. Good little mix of everything in this film and enough laughs to be worth your while. Id give this film a sold B!

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