Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yesterday, March 30th, 2010 I took my Mom and Gma out to the Ronald Reagan Library to meet Sean Hannity as he launched his Conservative Victory 2010 Book Tour there in Simi Valley, CA. Mr. Hannity's new book was released yesterday and along with doing his radio and television shows there at the library he signed books for all the people who showed up. We were told when we arrived that he would be signing for everyone who showed up until they were gone and if he truly did that he might have been there until 11pm or so. When we left they were at numbers 450-475 and there were more than 1800 people with tickets so needless to say he had a lot of fans show up which was great!!

We were able to browse the library including going on Air Force One and seeing the new Miniature White House exhibit and even had lunch prior to get the book signed. We also had a chance to watch the first few minutes of the Hannity FOX News tv show before we had to go get in line for the book to get signed. It was an awesome experience being there at the Reagan Library watching the tv show that they were taping directly under Air Force One. What little parts we did see was Hannity's entrance to the stage and his rousing opening statements saying he wants Nancy Pelosi FIRED, Harry Reid FIRED, and for Barack Obama to be a one term President!! The crowd was electric and it was so nice to be around conservatives who shared the same concerns that I have with this administration and where they are taking us - and that is socialism! I later watched his show and got to see who he had there. I had seen Meg Whittman while we were there so I knew she was going to be on.

As for the book signing itself. I was very pleased that we were able to get our books signed, we had 4 total, one for myself and my wife, one for my Mom & Dad, one for my Gma, and one for my aunt. He signed all four and leaned over to greet my Gma with a hand chance and a thank you for being a conservative republican for so many years. Since the line moved so quickly we were not able to get a lot of pictures but the one posted on this blog is the best one I got. He was extremely friendly and sincere and was even high fiving the children in line. I am so happy I got a chance to meet him and that my Mom and Gma were able to share in that experience. I know it made my Gma's day to have met him and I was thankful for that. All in all it was a great day and a great experience and I am so glad that he had so many people come out to support him on the opening day of his book signing. I cant wait to read the book now!!

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