Monday, March 1, 2010


My wife and I went to Lake Arrowhead this weekend for a quick weekend getaway and what we found was a hidden treasure. Upon checking in at our hotel early Saturday morning the front desk attendant mentioned that there was a nice little restaurant called Belgian Waffle Works which sits right on the lake with nice views of the lake that had amazing waffles. Since we had left early Saturday morning and it was only 9am we thought we would head over and see what it was like.

Since Saturday there was a bad storm coming in to the mountains the restaurant was not packed at all. It had a nice victorian looking interior and you could tell is was family owned. There was not a lot of seating inside but on warmer summer days they did have an outdoor area that I'm sure gets used to the maximum capacity. Now obviously we had to try these amazing waffles so we each got the "Little breakfast" and along with toast we had our breakfast agenda nailed down. Before we get to the waffles let me just say this, the bacon that they had was awesome. Fans of crispy bacon would have loved it and I honestly thinks its one of the best I've ever had, absolutely awesome!! There sourdough toast was great as well as was the eggs but lets move on to the real deal, the waffles!!

The waffles came with a little cup of syrup and a half a cup of melted butter which had a faint touch of lemon in it, not that much at all but just enough to know it was a little different that normal butter. The waffles came out sprinkled with powdered sugar and a full amount it two large waffles and a half is only one. The waffles itself were perfectly crispy on all four corners and had a very unique and different taste than any other waffle you've ever had. You could tell this wasn't your ordinary Denny's or IHOP waffle. Along with the powdered sugar, butter, and syrup and the natural taste of these waffles they were easily the greatest waffle I've ever had, hands down no comparison. We enjoyed the breakfast so much that on Sunday morning before driving home we went there again and got the exact same meals, yes it was that good!!

So if your ever up in the Lake Arrowhead area or driving up to Big Bear in and around breakfast time I highly suggest you stop off at the Lake Arrowhead village and visit the Belgian Waffle Works restaurant because you wont find a better waffle, I guarantee it! I have added a link to the website below and although you wouldnt have the luxury of having the lemon butter you can order the waffle mix online if interested. Enjoy.

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