Friday, March 19, 2010

TRUTH about America's War in Iraq! What the Liberals dont want people to know REVISITED on the 7 Year Anniversary!

I wrote this blog on November 5th, 2006 so obviously the information listed in this blog would only account for things that took place prior to that date. It is important to remember that with all the negative comments and views that the liberal biased media will put out today in regards to the Iraq War's 7 Year Anniversary there were and still are plenty of great things our brave American soldiers are doing over there that directly affect the safety and well being of all of us over here in the United States.

Some of the videos and pictures might no longer be available but there verbiage is all there plain and simple and cannot be disputed. It is sad that so many of our troops have died protecting our country and these are brave heroes who are doing so and I am grateful for them everyday but in this day and age where liberal biased media rules the airwaves it is important not to get caught up in their "lies" and "biased views" when speaking about the Iraq War.

I am thankful for the 8 years we had George W Bush as President and post 9/11 he kept our country safe and never wavered on his pursuit to capture and kill as many terrorists as possible and if any media outlets today say we are no safer than we were before then they might want to take a look at the last 14 months and see if they can find there answer there. When you elect a President who bows to other leaders and (governors for petes sake) and he cuts nuclear spending on missile defense funding then yeah your going to see our enemies strengthen and become more confident and dedicated than ever to attack us. For those who thought President Bush was bad and decided to elect the no experience Obama you can thank yourself for what we are dealing with right now and that is the worst President our nation has ever seen and its only going to get worse! So when viewing the biased media outlets today that speak of the Iraq War as a mistake keep in mind that you might not be getting the whole truth just like what we are witnessing with the Healthcare Reform Bill that is going on as I type this.

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