Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So the 2010 Duke Blue Devils are the National Champions of the NCAA Basketball Mens Division 1, how do you like dem apples?? Now I could go on and write a long, detailed description of everything leading up to the title, how they became a Championship team, how many used to make fun of Zoubek just a year ago, and how others said this Duke squad would never make it to a Final Four but really, is there any need to do any of that? NO. They are National Champs simple as that so instead of dissecting it and spending time writing up on there historic run Ill use my time to browse through the 2010 Duke National Champs gear and pick out what I am going to get.

Just for fun I'm going to say it again - 2010 NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS - DUKE BLUE DEVILS! Ahh that sounds so sweet!!

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