Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why does our judicial system let us down when it comes to sexual predators?

The recent murder of 17 year old Chelsea King in San Diego has brought to light once again an agonizing failure of our judicial system on how they handle sex offenders in our country. It has been known to the public for quite some time now that the US judicial system when convicting and sentencing sex offenders, new or repeated ones, deserves nothing better than an F grade. This new case brings back into the limelight our judicial systems complete failure on how to handle these type of criminals and murderer's but lets not forget that it is happening more frequently than we are made to be aware.

We could look back at all the cases in the past 25 years where victims have been sexually assaulted and murdered and then add on top of that all the cases that involved victims who were sexually assaulted but lived through it as well, including children and I believe we would find a shocking and appalling trend. We would find a trend that shows a consistent and steady failure to imprison and in the death cases kill these monsters who live among us. Some might feel my wording is a bit strong especially for the sex offenders who did not murder there victims but I would disagree with you wholeheartedly and here is why.

In almost all of these cases these monsters are acting with premeditation and are fully aware of what they are doing. Put yourself in the shoes of an innocent child, a fun loving middle schooler, an energetic full of life high school teenager, or a future driven college student ready to take on life. Imagine that you have your whole life ahead of you, for the older ones dreams and ambitions in full affect and for the younger ones a trust that is almost unheard of because you have never known anything different. Add the fact that these victims are somebody's child, brother, sister, cousin, or friend. In some cases with those who are a bit older they are taken away from this life leaving behind young children themselves who will never know who there mother or in some cases father was.

I am aware that there are adults murdered all the time in this country and plenty of other crimes that go on that are disturbing and sad as well but it really rubs me the wrong way that our judicial system continually lets inmates go free who have committed a sexual assault before and in many of these cases these are the individuals who attack again and in a lot of the cases rape and murder brand new victims who don't deserve to die. Considering these animals know what they are doing and continually do so it brings me to the question, why don't we just do the following with these types of individuals.

* anyone who is found guilty of a sexual assault against another person should immediately be given life in jail without parole, no questions asked

* anyone who is found guilty of a sexual assault and ends up murdering there victim should be given the death penalty and actual be put to death immediately, no questions asked.

This most recent case involving John Gardner is proof that when we let these monsters out again and again they will continue to harm people and even kill people. I have no doubt in my mind Gardner is responsible for more deaths than just Chelsea's. Had the system put him away when he first sexually assaulted that 13 year old girl none of this would have happened. I could get into more details about all kinds of things relating to my opinions on this but the simple fact is we need to wake up and our judicial systems need to wake up and start actually treating these animals like they should be treated. Put them away for life or put them to death but NEVER under any circumstances let these criminals and murderer's every see the outside of a jail cell ever again. Maybe if our system became more strict and actually toughened up a lit bit these monsters out there would get the point and maybe start to re-think plans that they may have to further harm more people in the future. It would be naive to think we could catch them all but if we cant do that why not scare the hell out of them and start executing and putting these guys away for life that do get caught. There is no guarantee it would have any affect at all on these animals but even if it doesn't at least we are getting rid of these pieces of garbage once and for all and even if it saved one life wouldn't it be worth it.

May Chelsea King rest in peace and may John Gardner burn in hell.

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