Friday, March 26, 2010


As I watched the Duke Blue Devils play Purdue tonight I realized one thing, this is not the soft Duke team from the past couple of years. They are more gritty, big, and physical than years past and if they keep there turnovers to a minimum and cant start to hit some more shots they have a real darn good chance of winning the Championship this year. Most would say I am crazy especially after seeing how Baylor played just a few hours before and knowing that most likely KU will be waiting for them in Indy but I think Im on to something here, I really do.

I wont embellish anymore on it for now but Im saying it right now, I think this Duke team is destined to win it all this year and I think they are going to do so by defeating Baylor on Sunday, KU next Saturday night and then Kansas St on Monday, April 5th. Call me crazy but I gotta feeling!!

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