Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An open letter to Sean Penn

Ahhh Mr. Penn is at it again. Nothing this loon says anymore surprises me but sometimes every now and then he will go off at the mouth and say something so ignorant it makes you read twice, as this article did. Now lets start from the beginning and get the facts straight. We all know what he said about people who question his motives in Haiti and I think most people would agree his comment was absurd but I guess when you are a millionaire who is a celebrity you sometimes, more than often usually do not use common sense, hence Mr. Penn's statement.

So lets move forward to his little stint on Bill Maher's HBO show where he said anyone who calls Chavez a dictator should be put in jail for their lies. Ok so a few things here Id like to say. First, he could have easily be contracted with the asshole disease by just showing up on Maher's set but considering Penn already contracted that years ago that's null and void. Second, he is obviously not getting enough air time since his Oscar win last year and his lame shot at the Academy on Sunday's Oscar show went without much brouhaha so he needs to get his name back out there, get a story published by saying or doing something so stupid the news media just couldn't pass it up. Now we come to the third option, its real simple, this guy is just a liberal asshole who thrives on saying stupid things to get attention in which he can act like a tough guy because he is just angry at his life and has nothing better to do. I'm going to go with options two and three. So if I could broadcast directly into Mr. Penn's house, car, or laptop and send him a message this is what I would say.

Mr. Penn,

Hugo Chavez is fucking dictator who will burn in hell when he dies. Next time you meet him face to face why don't you spit on him and tell him its from the American people! You stand up for an individual who comes to our country and goes to the United Nations and calls our President the devil and then you somehow have the nerve to go on Bill Maher's show and speak out against people who speak out against Chavez? Get a life buddy. Maybe now that your done helping those in Haiti you can head to Iraq, yeah go over there. Why don't you go dine with the Taliban and speak out against those who speak out against al Qaeda? Go hang out with them and maybe you'll be far enough away that we wont hear from your ignorant ass again. So there Mr. Penn try and put me in jail, try to change the first amendment, try to send your watchdogs out and find me and throw me in jail but I wont be waiting because it wont happen. Contrary to what you may believe you are not powerful, you are not special, you are not a lawmaker, and you are not authorized to order anyone to do anything even though you don't seem to understand this. Why don't you just go back home, cradle your oscars, speak in front of your mirror, act tough, and live in your own little fantasyland you have created because I've got news big bad actor dude, you aint nothing but a big pile of shit and nobody listens to you man, instead you empower people (like me) to get online and write blogs and stories, and comments about how useless you are on this earth and how mindless you must be if you really think someone out there is listening to you and not laughing their ass off all while you sit there and actually think people care and people want to hear you and people will do what you say. I feel sorry for those around you and I feel sorry for those who have to work with you. Having to work with such ignorance and arrogance is something only Obama's staff must have to endure. Good riddance to you Mr. Penn, now go get a life!!

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