Tuesday, February 23, 2010


As I was driving home the other day I drove past several cars that had individuals who were texting while driving and even more who were using the phone with no hands free devices. In the state of California both of these are illegal. Now I've had my share of using the phone without any hands free devices but I do so by placing the phone on my lap or in the seat next to me while placing the call on speakerphone. The cars I saw yesterday and the ones I see every single day constantly, over and over again are not doing this, they are acting as if no law is in place and as though they have no concern of the dangers it may cause, this irritates me to no end! As I drive by these individuals I constantly think of the dangers they are causing to others. In my mind I believe they are just as dangerous and possibly even more so than drunk drivers under the influence. Lets be honest here, some people who have had DUI or DWI's have been completely intoxicated and it is the #1 killer of car accidents in the nation but I honestly believe that the death related accidents due to texting or talking while driving will go up as well to incredibly high numbers that will rival drunk drivers. Here is something to think about.

Everyone handles being drunk differently but no matter what driving while drunk is dangerous and wrong. Not everybody handles texting on the phone differently. If you are texting while driving then it is a 100% fact that at certain points you are not watching the road, its just a fact plain and simple and this makes texting while driving incredibly dangerous! Its not just young kids doing this, its adults, ups drivers, and carpool drivers as well. In fact the only people I have never seen texting while driving are elderly people or the police. Speaking about the police, I believe that has got to be the most secure job in the state of California. You always hear about quotas they have to meet for writing tickets, etc, etc, etc well let me tell you something any cops who are struggling out there to get your daily quota all you need to do is drive on the 405 freeway each day between 3:00-6:00pm and you will have a plethora of options to ticket individuals. What I wouldn't give to be a cop for just one day driving on that freeway and writing about 100 tickets a day!!

I often think back to when I was in high school and cell phones were not around. It didn't seem to hard to talk to whoever it was I needed to talk to when I got home from school or home from work, surprisingly I made it out of that time period alive and I don't recall a time that I just absolutely had to text someone while driving to or from wherever it was I was going. Part of me almost wishes text messaging didn't exist for the simple fact of the dangers it cause's but then again it could come in handy at other times in life. I know we will never see the day that all individuals will be restricted from texting while driving but cant we hope for that? With all the technology out there is there not a way to come up with a device that can be automatically installed in all cars in this country that would immediately disable any texting capabilities while the vehicle is turned on? Forget about the cost for a second because if we can implement this within the next 2 and a half years we have an administration who is using our money in government as if it were monopoly money so I have no doubt getting the funds for something this magnificent would be completely simple.

So who's in?

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