Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Best Picture Nominee's

Oscar time is here again and for possibly the first time ever I may actually see all the Best Picture nominations prior to the show on Sunday March 7th. This would be very surprising especially since this year for the first time in the Academy's existence they are switching the number of Best Picture nominations from 5 movies to 10 which is almost unheard of. So if it was tough to beat out 4 other films for that coveted prize just think of how difficult it will be this year.

I see how adding more films to the list provides maybe a little more drama and competition but what it also does is allow movies into that category that probably have no reason being there. The three that come to mind right away from my point of view are District 9, Up in the Air, and Disney's UP. In my opinion none of these movies are worth being in a category where the best picture award is up for grabs. I personally have seen all three of these movies along with three others and there are only four I have not seen. It is my hope to see those other four within the next 11 days prior to the award show so I can cleary say that I have seen all the best picture nominations this year. Here is a very short take on the six I have seen so far.

The Blind Side was excellent and easily my favorite from this list and Sandra Bullock should walk away with the Best Actress award for this movie. One of the few that is most deserving of the best picture nomination. Superb!! Inglourious Basterds surprised me in a couple of ways. First I wasn't aware that the majority of the movie is in subtitles and usually I cant stand movies with subtitles but it didn't bother me for this one. Second, I expected to see more of Brad Pitt in this film but as usual he was brilliant in the scenes he was in. I also expected a few more graphic/torture scenes since it was a Tarantino film but that's just me. Overall I thought it was a great film and worthy of the Best Picture nomination it got. District 9 in my opinion is a joke of a nomination. Although it has some memorable scenes the overall storyline was uninteresting and never really kept my attention and for an Alien movie this actually ranks up there with one of the more disappointing I've seen. The Hurt Locker was good but I may have heard a little too much about this film because it didn't live up to its billing as far as I'm concerned. There were some very intense scenes no doubt and the acting was amazing and I can see how it is nominated for best picture but personally I wasn't blown away by this movie (bad reference I know). It does make you sit back and think of what our military goes through day in and day out, truly heroic! I wont waste much time on Up in the Air other than to say George Clooney is a wonderful actor and this movie is simply nominated due to his name alone. It was slow, boring, and lackluster and although Clooney is great this movie doesn't deserve to be anywhere around awards that have the word "best" before it. Sorry. Last but not least is Disney's UP. Again another movie I wasn't impressed with the storyline although at least this one wasn't boring throughout. Visually it was stunning and it did have great characters but there were too many flaws and not enough humor and adventure for a Disney movie for my taste and I can see where the academy was going with it being nominated for Best Picture for the visual elements alone but there is a separate award for that so seriously speaking it probably shouldn't have been nominated for this category.

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