Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movies, Movies, and more Movies!!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE Movie fanatic and I could probably say without hesitation that I don't know anyone else personally who has seen more movies than myself. With that being said these past few weeks my wife and I have watched a good little amount of movies in such a short span so I thought I would post some short reviews for each of them here. The only one on this list that my wife didn't get a chance to see is X-Men: Wolverine but I'm sure she will see it one day. I will attempt to provide a brief review for each one.

In Alphabetical Order, here goes.

I Hate Valentines Day: Had several funny moments and a decent plot but overall the chemistry between the Big Fat Greek couple didn't flourish like it did in their previous movie together. The gay co-workers in this movie provide most of the comedy and are pretty funny. Worth watching because of the short run time but overall not a real romantic comedy.

Law Abiding Citizen: Suspense Thriller is what first comes to mind. Excellent plot, great acting, and a final twist that was awesome. A revenge/vigilante movie that includes torture, a graphic kill scene, and keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the movie. I'm a Gerard Butler fan and thought he was great in this movie. I highly recommend this one!

Out of Time: Another great movie with a twist. Starts rather slow but picks up and never stops. This suspense/thriller was one of Denzel's best in my mind and I particularly enjoyed his quirky medical examiner friend. One of Eve Mendez first films as well and she was great. Overall a great movie with great acting and a very good plot.

Sherlock Holmes: My #1 favorite movie on this list. Excellent in almost every way. Suspense, Mystery, Action, Comedy, and yet again a twist in this one as well. Great plot and superb acting. Downey Jr. was brilliant as Holmes and his short one liners and bluntness throughout the movie was pure entertainment. This movie had it all and for a movie with a run time a little over 2 hours it never lags and left me wanting even more and fortunately there will be when they make Sherlock Holmes 2!

The Blind Side: Lookup "feel good movie" in a dictionary and a picture of this movie will be in there. Bullock should easily walk away with an Oscar for her role in this movie and all the actors were great it in. There was drama, comedy, and a football scene that you'll want to replay several times over to watch again. Just a great great movie all around and easily one I would watch over and over again!

The Box: Not sure what to make of this one since I cant really explain or comprehend the ending but Ill say one thing about it, it was intriguing to say the least. The plot starts out good but doesn't end up well in my mind. There were too many questions unanswered and the end result for the main family is tragic in every sense of the word so this movie does not have a happy ending for all you happy ending fans. I probably would not watch this again unless it was with someone who hasn't seen it and would possibly help me understand the end, haha.

The Informant: I'm not a big Matt Damon fan but I thought he was amazing in it. One of his better acting roles. His character was hilarious and the situations he got himself into were comical at times. The unfortunate thing about this movie was his acting alone could not make up for the poor plot and dullness this movie had. I was expecting much more but was left feeling bored by the end and if it weren't for Damon's acting this would have been a complete failure in my mind. Its not one Id ever watch again.

The Time Travelers Wife: Overall it was ok and worth watching but Id be reluctant to see it again. It was not really a love story as much as it was a time traveler science fiction movie in my mind. Yes it had its romantic moments but they were few and far between and there were probably more scenes with Eric Bana's bare ass than romantic moments in this film. Rachel McAdams was great as usual but the plot of this movie falls short.

This Is It: Surprisingly entertaining. That concert would have been amazing. I'm sure even the most critical MJ critics would have to admit he still had plenty of life left in him and could still dance. He was an entertainer no doubt and would have entertained millions with that concert. The Thriller and Smooth Criminal sets were amazing and those would have easily been my favorite two sets from this movie that I saw. I would recommend seeing this movie.

Whip It: Great cast, great plot, good movie. Add 15 more minutes of Jimmy Fallon and this movie is great too! I really enjoyed this film even more so than I expected and I would definitely see it again. Ellen Page was great as usual and Drew Barrymore is always fun to watch. This was her directorial debut and it was very very good. Still my favorite parts were with Jimmy Fallon, why isn't he in more movies??

Whiteout: Not a wide release movie and only came out for rental but this was a good one. I assume the lack of the blockbuster names kept this away from theatres but that's sad because this one was a very suspenseful thriller. The snow and ice setting for this film made it even more suspenseful and the twist at the end was completely surprising. I'm a sucker for a good white-knuckle thriller that is in a wintry snowy environment, it just adds to the suspense for me and maybe that's why I loved Cliffhanger so much!!

X-Men Wolverine: I have never seen nor been interested in seeing the X-Men movies but this one looked different. I didn't get a chance to see it in theatres (wish I had now) but wow what a great movie this was. I saw it on Bluray and it was spectacular! Great great storyline and lots of fun and cool tricks throughout. This movie was entertaining throughout and the special effects were second to none. If there is a sequel I would go see it right away, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!!

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