Friday, February 12, 2010

My opinion of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has become one of the most intriguing individuals in the world and depending on who you talk to or what you watch you either believe she is a staunch conservative republican with excellent morals and values and who is incredibly intelligent or you believe that she is an air headed attractive Mom from the state of Alaska who is a quitter and has absolutely no clue about politics whatsoever. I have friends who think she is amazing and others who think she has no clue about anything. The following is my take on what I see and what I believe about Sarah Palin based on my own personal opinions. I was given her book "Going Rogue" by my best friend Thuy for Christmas and it was even personally autographed for me. It was probably the single most thoughtful and kind gift a friend has ever given me and although I have not had the time to read it yet I am looking forward to doing so and my thoughts here on this blog are obviously "pre-Rogue" so I very well might have different viewpoints after reading her book. So based solely on my opinions here are my thoughts.

I believe Sarah Palin has many wonderful qualities and is an extremely influential person. She is polarizing to say the least and people are interested in her no matter what they say. When she was originally announced as John McCain's vice Presidential nominee back in 2008 I was skeptical to say the least. I was hoping for a Mitt Romney selection or furthermore a Rudy Giuliani surprise twist. I had heard of Palin through Sean Hannity's radio show so I knew the name but was still unaware of her history as governor of Alaska. I was pleasantly surprised with her acceptance speech and thrilled with her Convention speech and thought she did amazing considering the whirlwind she had entered into. She drew 2.5 million more viewers than Barack Obama and she didn't even have big white roman pillars surrounding her. In the weeks that would follow I would see magazine covers, news articles, and cable news stories attempting to belittle her as "inexperienced" and full of "family problems". The liberal left was concerned more with her pregnant daughter than they were with Barack Obama's racist pastor and his ties to an admitted US terrorist but this behavior from the media was typical but something she never had to endure. The way that she handled the scrutiny through it all was phenomenal to say the least. If John McCain and his advisers would have let her loose a little bit more and free to say a little bit more while campaigning maybe the country would have heard more about Obama and his associations and maybe, just maybe the election results would have been different? That's in the past though so no need to dwell on it now. What's done is done and we cant change that.

When I first heard that Sarah Palin was quitting as Governor of Alaska I was disappointed that she didn't complete her term that she had started and that she seemed to have made that decision quite hastily. In my own personal opinion, she quit so that she would have more time with her family which was a given but also so that she could write her book, go on a book tour, and eventually gain employment with FOX News. Now nobody can fault her for wanting to spend more time with her family or for her wanting to write a book but where my concern comes in is did it have to all happen so fast and how much extra was she truly spending with her family considering she would be traveling all over the place on book tours and television interviews all across the country? While I don't judge her on making these decisions it does make me more cautious of her and her ambitions for her political future.

I respect her conservatism and agree with many things that she does but I do question her dedication and experience when I hear the following, "Palin for President 2012". She undoubtedly had more experience than President Obama back in 2008 and I have no doubt in my mind she would not be making as many colossal mistakes as he is within a years time but I do not believe she is experienced enough and qualified enough to be President of the United States, not now and not in 2012. We have seen first hand what you get when you elect an inexperienced politician to be President of the United States and it is damn scary. Now don't get me wrong, she would not be pushing a pathetic healthcare reform bill, increase the spending like Obama has, and be trying to push a socialist agenda on our country so in that respect she would be head and shoulders better than Barack Obama so if she were to gain the nomination in 2012 I would vote for her in a heartbeat over Obama but it still does not take away the fact that I don't believe she would be a successful President that would be good for our Country and I hope that she does not get the nomination come 2012.

In closing Ill state this. A lot has been made recently about Palin's notes on her palm during a speech in TN and while it was embarrassing no doubt and probably not the best decision she has made considering the amount of attention she was going to have on her for that speech I cant help but remind myself that President Obama once said the following while reading a teleprompter, "I want to Thank President Obama and his staff". Our own President is so dependent on his teleprompters that he will read whatever it says out loud without even thinking twice and if you've ever heard him in Town Hall atmosphere's he utters the words "uhhh", "ahhh", "ughh", "ughhh", and "ummm" more than any politician I've ever seen and I will welcome any smartass remarks about our former President Bush at this time but Ill say one thing, he may have talked like a cowboy but at least he could think for himself and had a spine and stood true to what he believes and was not easily influenced by others. Now that I've gone off on a tangent let me get back to my point. President Obama accidentally thanked himself but few would probably know that because the liberal media would never run that story but Sarah Palin puts some notes on her hand and its front page, breaking news, top online story cover news for a week. Its the times we are living in folks and like I said I went off on a tangent so Ill finish with this. I believe Sarah Palin is unique, interesting, and polarizing in many different ways and I am looking forward to reading her book to learn more about her.

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