Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Last Dragon - 1985

The Last Dragon which debuted in 1985 was a Kung Fu classic that to this day remains quite a popular movie. I remember seeing this movie when it was available for rental back when I was around 10 or 11 and I loved this movie, I would watch it over and over and just loved it. Come to find out, I wasn't the only one. This movie would regularly be sold out at the local movie joint and as I grew older I came to learn this was sort of a cult classic, a Kung Fu cult classic. To this day I love watching this movie and for someone who is not at all interested in martial arts that is saying a lot. Below is my review on what is easily my favorite Kung Fu movie I've ever seen.

When I first saw the Last Dragon I was most likely 10 or 11 years old, somewhere around 1986-1987 or so. As I kid I loved movies and enjoyed all kinds but we were never really raised watching Kung Fu type movies but when we rented this one it just took me by surprise and after seeing it I just loved it. The Last Dragon is your typical good vs evil battle with the good guy fighting for the girl in the end. Unknown actor Taimak played Leroy Green and was phenomenal as was Vanity who played the superstar singer whom Leroy would eventually fall in love with. Christopher Murney played the fame hungry Eddie Arkadian and his girlfriend Angela Viracco was played by Faith Prince and she has since been on several different movies and tv shows. The character Richie Green was excellent in the film as the sarcastic, blunt, loud mouth younger brother of the Last Dragon but lets be honest the show stopper of this film was Sho'nuff played by Julius Carry. His charisma and screen presence made him the perfect villain for this movie.

The Last Dragon had martial arts influence, excellent music, a love story, and a final battle scene that was amazing. Like I said it was a classic good vs evil and the movie rarely lagged at any part. The characters were so unique and different and the way they all intertwined to come together was great. None of this would have worked had a mediocre cast been casted but all of the characters were great in their roles especially the hero, the villain, and the girl. Vanity was gorgeous as the entertainer Laura Charles and Taimak's innocence as Leroy Green made his transformation throughout the movie that much more magical. One of my favorite scenes throughout the movie was when Leroy dunked Eddie Arkadian's head into his Pirana Bowl while rescuing Vanity. Leroy's delivery practice speeches were pretty funny as well.

All in all this movie was enjoyable throughout and it led up to an epic battle at the end that I'm sure most will enjoy. There isn't much I would have changed about this movie and I hear that a remake is already in the works and the name Rhianna is already being tossed around as one of the actresses, no doubt as Laura Charles character and she would be perfect for that. Ill be very interested to see who they cast as Leroy and Sho'nuff. Time to start surfing the web and checking out the rumor mill for that.

End result, if you haven't seen this movie, rent it. You wont be disappointed!!

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