Monday, February 22, 2010

Political Shuffle

This is similiar to other ipod shuffle templates out there, only difference is this is a political one. Take a look and enjoy. This is simply my ipod on shuffle and walla the results are listed below. Seriously I couldnt make this stuff up if I tried and although I dont agree with several of the results some of them are damn funny and dead on.

The American Presidency should be viewed as: Leavin - Jesse McCartney
A good President always: Said & Done - Tyrone Wells
The senate democrats are like: Where the Boat Leaves from - Zac Brown Band
The senate republicans are like: Breakeven - The Script
George W Bush was: Look at me - Carrie Underwood
Nancy Pelosi is a: Celebrity - NSYNC
Today's media is like a: 4 minutes remix - Justin Timberlake & Madonna
Conservative right wing republicans are a: Tire in the face - Dane Cook
Global Warming is: Hey Daddy - Usher
Bill Clinton was: I wanna love you forever - Jessica Simpson
John McCain is: How do you sleep - Jesse McCartney
Liberal left wing democrats are: Slip n bleed - Dane Cook
Keith Olberman is like a: BK Lounge - Dane Cook
Rush Limbaugh is viewed as: Change - Carrie Underwood
FOX News is: Irresistable - Jessica Simpson
The Healthcare reform bill is a: Crazy Dreams - Carrie Underwood
MSNBC looks like a: Operation Monopoly - Dane Cook
Glenn Beck is a: Mom and Pops - Dane Cook
Michael Moore was a: Watcha Say - Jason Derulo
Big government is: Into ya - Jesse McCartney
Sarah Palin is: Banter - Dane Cook
Hollywood celebrities who think they know politics are: Rockin That Thang - The Dream
Hugo Chavez is: Pretty Young Thing - Michael Jackson
Dick Cheneys behavior as of late is: What Can I Say - Carrie Underwood
The democrats in 2010 are: Alright - Darius Rucker
The republicans in 2010 are: Do it for you - Ballas Hough Band
Harry Reid is a: Baby - Justin Beiber
Scott Brown just might: Someday When I Stop Loving You - Carrie Underwood
President Obama has been a: War Gamer - Dane Cook
Al Gore is: It wont be like this for long - Darius Rucker
The Tea Party participants are: Thriller - Michael Jackson
Robert Gibbs is a: Quitter - Carrie Underwood
Illegal Immigrants are: All I need - Bethany Dillon
ACORN is: Flat on the Floor - Carrie Underwood
Looking back, George W Bush really was a: Hero - Bethany Dillon
Joe Biden might just say: Boots and Boys - Keisha
Mitt Romney will: Imma Be - Black Eyed Peas
Hilary Clinton is: Like I Love You - Justin Timberlake
Big Bankers are: Me & You - Zac Brown Band
The "beer summit" was a total: Sipping on History - Jessica Simpson
The NJ senator race was a: Chillin - Wale ft. Lady Gala
Socialism is: Hell Breaks Lose - Eminem
Ann Coulter is: Last Train Home - Ryan Star
The Obama Presidency often looks like: See Right Through You - NSYNC

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