Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie Reviews

Babysitter Wanted - After reading the plot of this film it looked interesting to me plus I'm always a sucker for scary babysitter home alone in the big house out in the middle of nowhere type movies. This one did not disappoint! It started out rather slow but attempted to cause a few scares early with simple sound and scary music even though there were no obviously scary situations taking place. Once the babysitter got to the house to watch Sam the story picked up and pretty quickly. From the weird raw meat to the tension filled hide and seek scene it all built up to a crazy ending that not even I could figure out. Although not gory throughout, this film takes a twist you don't see coming and adds enough gore and visual treats towards the end of the movie to fulfill any horror fans satisfaction. I was pleasantly surprised with this one and would highly recommend it to any horror fans out there.

The Bounty Hunter - Having no interest to see this in the theater I thought Id give it a try at home. I like Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler but this one didn't look like a "must see" for me when it came out but I'm glad I saw it after all. Aniston was great as usual and Butler literally could be the same type of guy in all his films if you ask me with a little tweak here or there. They made a great duo in this film and it had its share of funny moments throughout. Not an overly entertaining film for the entire time it did keep my attention and the conspiracy behind a suicide that Aniston's character (a reporter) was following turned this into a comedy/action flick that was pretty good. If for nothing more you have to check out Butler's attire at the bed and breakfast half way through the film, classic is the only word that comes to mind!! haha

The Frontier (s) - My wife's co-worker who is a horror fanatic suggested this one to me and I have to say it was pretty good. Not being a fan of foreign films which I have to read the subtitles on I wasn't too thrilled going into this but it was very good. A very unique story mixed with suspense, torture, and gore - plenty of gore made this a worthwhile horror film. I would have graded it higher if it was in english but then again the entire feel of the movie would have been different. I especially loved the setting of this film and where it took place and the creepy girl. Overall a good horror flick!

The House of the Devil - Not one to watch on a Sunday that's for sure. With a 70's theme and the entire retro theme throughout including the dress attire, music, and cars it made this movie pretty cool looking. This is another typical babysitter going to a big house out in the middle of nowhere type movie but it had a twist. Obviously the title gives it away a little bit so this wont be new news to anyone. This story is basically a babysitter who gets stuck at a house that is occupied by devil worshipers and what takes place is nothing less than devilish. For a movie that overall lacked scares and suspense it sure picked up in the final 20 minutes. The mere creepiness of the house owner alone is enough to give one chills, you just know something isn't right. Not one to watch if your looking for non-stop action and suspense but if you easily get freaked out at devil worshipers or cult type movies then this one might get to you.

Kick Ass - Not what you imagine in any way, shape, or form. If you watched a trailer you might think this is just your typical kids pretending to be superheroes type movie but this is something totally different. Nicolas Cage is great in this film and his the girl who plays his daughter is even better. This is a feel good, root for the underdog type movie with a twist, BIG twist. Its violence is not comic book material or cartoonist by any means but rather think Sopranos or mafia type flicks, yes its that violent. Also it was weird to hear such strong language from a young cast but somehow it seemed to fit. This was probably one of the most single unrealistic movie's I've ever seen but it was still fun to watch and root for the good guys to defeat the bad guys in this revenge style flick.

She's out of my League - This was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. Right up there with the Hangover and probably even had a couple of scenes that were funnier than any seen in the Hangover, this movie was that good! Great cast, great story, great music, and great scenes!! This one had it all. This was like a slapstick/romantic/funny buddy comedy that had some great great character's in it, especially the main character's friends and brother-in law (Worst Week actor). The lead female is not a known actress but was very likeable and sweet and you couldn't help but root for this couple to make it. There were numerous scenes that made me laugh out loud and I cant remember another movie making me laugh that much in a long time. I especially enjoyed the Disney quotes throughout by one hilarious character who stole every scene he was in!! A must see film!!

The Spy Next Door - This was a cute family action movie with Jackie Chan. He plays a nerdy next door neighbor who is actually a spy and he is involved with his neighbor however her kids do not approve of him. Once she has to go away on a trip he watches them and all hell breaks loose. He basically has to fend off the bad guys while protecting the children and you can imagine the situations he gets himself into. A fun family film that I would easily recommend.

Sympathy - After reading numerous reviews on how good this film was I was excited to see it. Sad to say it was terrible and I could barely even finish it. The entire movie is filmed in a hotel room and the acting was hideous and I thought I was watching a terrible B movie at best. If I could I would categorize it as a C movie but I don't believe that exists. This was just terrible and had nothing good about it at all. I'm still trying to figure out why I gave it a D- as opposed to an F? hmmmm?

Tooth Fairy - Another family film that was very entertaining. This movie stars the Rock as a hockey player who becomes a Tooth Fairy. I absolutely loved the Rock in the Game Plan and he was equally as good in this but I gotta ask, what's with all the movies that require tights? haha. This movie had some cool special effects and was entertaining throughout. The Rock's natural charisma and on screen presence made him the perfect "buff" guy to play this role. Billy Crystal's small cameo was a pleasant surprise and I actually wished I had seen him more. The story was cute and the movie was enjoyable. Not quite as good as the Game Plan but still worth watching.

Youth in Revolt - I'm a big Michael Cera fan so I was excited to see this one. It had a funny story with some funny co-stars, most notably Steve Buscemi and Fred Willard and although totally different from his previous movies (Superbad, Year One, and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist) this was still pretty funny. It did not have those laugh out loud moments that I am used to see from Cera but his delivery can be so dry its hilarious and there were definitely some one liners in this movie that were very very funny. Overall I thought the movie was decent but not great. Could have been a little funnier at times but still worthwhile for a rental.

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