Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Lady Laura Bush Book Signing

On May 10th my wife, my parents, and I all attended a book signing at the Barnes and Nobels bookstore in Costa Mesa, CA for First Lady Laura. Ever since I heard about Sean Hannity's book signing at the Reagan Library back in March I have been keeping an eye out on local book signing's and I was thrilled to see First Lady Laura Bush coming to southern California! I didn't want to miss an opportunity to meet her and luckily I didn't.

Since Mother's Day was the day before this event my parents were down here visiting so they joined us and we had a great time. While waiting a couple of hours before the event started my mother and wife were talking with a Russian individual who was visiting the US and simply saw the event listed in the newspaper that morning and thought what a great opportunity and was there to meet her. It sounded like he was a real interesting individual and my mother and wife both enjoyed talking with him. My Dad on the other hand was enjoying conversations with numerous individuals in line waiting while I went back and fourth between both of them.

Once the line started moving forward it went pretty quickly. The entire 2nd floor of the store was sealed off for this signing and its crazy how many secret service there were roaming the area, on rooftops, and inside the store itself. They had a full metal detection scanner at the bottom of the escalator which led to the 2nd floor. Once through all the security checkpoints we got to the 2nd floor and wrapped around a circle which led us to the children's book section where the First Lady was sitting elevated on a platform with several individuals to each side of her and one secret service agent right behind her. Due to time constraints she was not allowed to pose for any pictures or personally sign any books but we were able to have a quick chat with her which was nice.

My parents went before my wife and I and I followed my wife. As she was getting her book signed she thanked wished her a Happy belated Mothers Day and said even though you were out of town did you have a nice Mothers Day? The First Lady replied with, "actually last night I was still back home in Texas and my husband took me out to dinner and it was very nice". It was just kind of surreal for us when we heard that because when you think of her husband you think of President or former President and former most powerful man in the world so it's weird hearing "my husband" but that's what he is, just like every other president was and just like out current President is. When I got up to her I simply said God Bless and Thank You and your husband for your service to our country and tell your husband I miss him terribly" and my wife said out loud "and we miss you too" and then we were on our way. She was so incredibly personal and sweet and down to earth and no matter what you say about our former President Bush people loved his wife Laura and she was one of the most admired and adored first ladies we have ever seen and in this day and age and with this current President and First Lady we have in office now, it makes me miss her even more, and especially her husband.

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