Monday, June 28, 2010

Half way there!

This past weekend I reached the half way point to my goal of losing 100lbs. Earlier this year I made a vow to myself to try and lose 100lbs by January of 2011 and in 15 months I have already lost 50lbs! I am very excited that I have been able to lose this amount of weight in this time frame but I was actually even hoping for a little more.

I am being realistic when I say I know the remaining 50lbs will take some time and considering Ive done what Ive done at this point Ive technically got 6 months left to lose that weight. Thats just a little more than 8lbs lost each month coming out to to around 2.1lbs lost per week. It may not sound like much but when fall comes around and Halloween time is upon us then my birthday and the Holidays right after will make it very challenging for me. I don't want to have to be dieting throughout the holidays therefore I am going to make every effort to expedite my weight loss this summer and that is one reason that Jenn and I have decided to take on some hiking excursions to keep us active.

I feel if I can get to 90lbs lost by mid November I can finish off the last 10lbs in the last 2 weeks of November and all of December by exercising like crazy while blasting Christmas tunes on my ipod! Its possible I mean cmon, who wouldnt be inspired by Santa Claus is coming to town while exercising? haha. Ive added some pics on this blog that I have recently taken. What these pics show me is that camera angle is key to every photo. Take for instance the picture I took with Leann Rhimes back at the end of May that I blogged about. My head looks like the Kool Aid Character and I was only 8lbs less at that time. Weird huh? Camera angle, camera angle, camera angle. In these new pics I also get to show of my new (actually a couple months old now) Duke Championship hat! Woohoo!!

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