Thursday, June 10, 2010

JUSTIFIED - Television Goldmine!

FX's new action series Justified debuted back in March and every since it has been on the air it is easily one of my favorite tv shows. I would even go as far to say that due to the extremely amazing cast, excellent storyline, and revenge style theme it ranks right up there with one of my favorite tv shows of all time and that's putting it up there with some heavy hitters!!

In short and very short, this show is based on a quickshot rogue type US Marshal named Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) who is sent back to Harlan, KY where he grew up after an incident in Florida has forced local law enforcement to get him away from the area for awhile. Right from the first episode drama and action ensues as Raylan comes back home and is thrust into hunting down an old best friend of his back from his mining days who has since become a serial criminal and is deep into the drug wars in Harlan, KY.

Last night we watched the thirteenth episode this year which was actually the season finale but thankfully not the "series" finale. It was confirmed that this show has been picked up for the 2011 season and will be back for another season and hopefully even more after that. Without giving away too much some of the major characters in this first season were killed off so it will be very interesting to see how it plays out come next year and what direction this show goes in. Will Raylan be headed back to Florida to go after the drug cartel's and mafia who are out to kill him? Has Boyd really changed for the better and become a new man? How will Raylan handle the situation with the two women in his life, his ex wife and recent fling with Ava?These are obviously questions only a season one watcher would know or understand and if you haven't seen this series I highly suggesting getting it on dvd when it comes out for sale or going online and watching it for free at fx's website because it is worth it, its that good.

I've always been a fan of Timothy Olyphant dating back to when I first saw him on Scream 2 and then for his role in The Girl Next Door as well as Live Free or Die Hard. He is a very versitale actor with amazing talent and he was the absolute perfect fit for this role, I couldn't imagine a better fit. To my surprise though (and I really shouldn't be surprised) the acting by the other main characters are almost just as amazing. I know that M.C. Gainey is a superb actor from many of his movies I've seen in the past but Nick Searcy is perfectly placed as Chief Deputy Art Mullen and even both the main female leads, Joelle Carter (Ava) and Natalie Zea (Winona - Harlan's ex) are great in this show as well. With all that being said Walter Goggins portrayal of Boyd Crowder is absolutely fascinating. He is so convincing and brilliant in his role and his calm, quiet demeanor and that of how he speaks mixed with his intentions is creepy beyond words. The transformation this character has taken in this first season is mesmerizing to say the least and I cant wait to see what's in store for next year.

I would highly recommend this show to anyone who likes a good action packed plate with its hint of vigilante justice on the side and an amazing cast and storyline to go with it. This first season was like the wonderful appetizer and next season will hopefully be the main course and with any luck we will all get a third season of Justified to satisfy our sweet tooth and culminate our evening with a dessert. One can only hope right?

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