Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Border Patrol agent kills Mexican teenager

Oh where shall I even start on this one?

So Mexico residents are outraged? Their President is outraged? Guess what, so am I! I'm outraged that thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants who come from Mexico infiltrate the state I live in every single year! I'm outraged that I have to live in a state where I hear almost as much spanish as I do english in everyday conversations! I'm outraged that I have to see spanish writing on billboards in the United States! I'm outraged at a lot of things regarding illegal immigrants as well but one thing I AM NOT OUTRAGED about is this shooting death of a teen from Mexico and here is why.

It is apparent that these border patrol agents felt threatened as illegal immigrants were throwing a barrage of large stones/rocks at these officers. Why would a group of illegal immigrants act so violently you may ask? To gain illegal entrance into the United States of America and make a new life for themselves in which they essentially get a free ride without having to worry about paying for healthcare, education, motor vehicle registration, and taxes among many other things. Its called Mexico's American Dream. You know basically a twisted version of the "real" American Dream where American citizens works hard and makes a good life for themselves and provides for ones family. The Mexican version basically wants everything for free while making it tougher on the real American citizens to obtain there American Dream. In short I'm calling these illegal immigrants pieces of trash who need to be sent home and need to be stopped from invading our great nation!!

Back to this particular incident. I'm smart enough to know that most the outrage over this one is due to the child's age, 15, however if a person is attempting to commit a crime and hurt someone else age doesn't matter one bit when defending yourself. For that sister of this child yelling "Damn them! Damn them!" Id like to ask you what you would like to say to the HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of spouses and children of the border patrol agents that have lost their life at the hands of illegal immigrants infiltrating our country? Would you also say "Damn them! Damn them!"? I support these border patrol agents 110% and cant even image the kind of filth and trash they are dealing with day in and day out trying to protect our borders. Personally I think our military should be called in to protect our borders but that's an entire different discussion.

As for the Mexican President he can go screw himself and invite Obama to do the same. It sickened me when I saw the Mexican President come to the White House earlier this year and freely trash Arizona's immigration law while our President sat there as a cheerleader. President Calderon said "will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants." Why doesn't he take such initiative to protect his own citizens and maybe keep them in their own damn country? It's stories like these that make me want to move back east more and more each and every day and get the hell out of California where we have been infiltrated by illegal immigrants

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