Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Summer Plans

As I previously noted in a recent blog my wife and I are going to be going on hiking adventures on Saturday mornings throughout the summer. We started with a hike on Saturday, June 12th and were expecting to go hiking this past Saturday (the 19th) as well however due to a severe neck strain I encountered we were unable to go. Instead I had to rest this past weekend and was pretty immobile throughout the weekend which was a bummer. We are however expecting to go this Saturday on another hike and continue where we left off.

In addition to adding hiking to our summer activities I have decided to do something else as well and no shocker here but it involves movies. I have had family and friends for years state that I should blog more about movies or write reviews online (usually for horror movies) and get more involved in that so that is exactly what I am doing. Not that I personally need anything more to get involved in but I am going to partake on a movie marathon this summer of gargantuan proportions. I will be detailing my plans in my next blog that I am planning on posting today.

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