Monday, September 13, 2010

#83 - Little Black Book - 2004

The 6th movie I chose to watch this week was the 2004 Romantic Comedy Little Black Book. I've seen this movie a couple of times before and although I do enjoy this one I have to be honest I enjoyed it more the first couple times I saw it. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed this movie but I will admit it was weird seeing Brittany Murphy since she passed away last December. She was so young and it is so weird that she passed away already and died so young. Below is my detailed review of this film.

Obviously the main star of this movie was Brittany Murphy. Also included was Ron Livingston (Derek) think Office Space, Holly Hunter (Barb), Kathy Bates (Kippie Kann), Julianne Nicholson (Joyce), Rashida Jones (Dr. Rachel Keyes) think I Love You Man and the Office, and Stephen Tobolowski (Carl). I really like Ron Livingston but I'm not a big fan of Holly Hunter. She is too butch for me. It was a pleasant surprise to see Paul Rudd's wife from I Love You Man in this film and I really like Rashida Jones as an actress. I have to admit this though ever since I saw Single White Female I always think of Stephen Tobolowski as a molester and I know that's bad but I cant help it, its creepy in fact.

Watching this after How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days it was very ironic since this film had a strong Carly Simon theme and actually started out with the song "Your so Vain" which coincidently was a major themed song in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and was actually the song that Ben and Andie sang at the end of the film during their huge fight. Weird little bit of irony there. Ok enough about that movie lets talk about this one. Since were on the topic of music lets stay there. Yes there was a lot of music by Carly Simon which was ok I guess but I don't really know her music other than Your So Vain. Other than her music there wasn't much else in it not that it needed more there just wasn't much else.

Although overall I enjoyed this movie there were things I didn't care for. For starters there was way too much time spent on the scene where Kippie Kann's employers are discussing plans for possible sweeps episodes. This got boring real quick and was dragged on too long. One casualty of this meeting was an episode with Grandma hookers, now come on, how disgusting! Just stupid! I couldn't stand Holly Hunter's character and she was annoying throughout the entire film. Her chain smoking throughout the film was too much as well and I just really didn't care for her character at all but then again she was like the villain in this movie. Considering this was a romantic comedy it didn't give me the ending I was looking for either. I mean yes a great job and chance to meet your icon is nice but in the end love conquers all, right?

Ok onto the stuff I enjoyed, mostly Brittany Murphy. I have enjoyed almost all of her films and really liked her as an actress. Her raspy voice and fun loving jovial personality makes you feel like that is someone you would really like to be around. I don't know if that is how she was in real life but she seemed pretty cool and down to earth. I thought her exam scene with Dr. Keyes was hilarious and after seeing that I was reminded why I am thankful to be a guy! haha. Murphy's expression during the interview with her boyfriends model exgirlfriend were also pretty classic and probably dead on how someone would feel. Under the circumstances of what she was finding out I actually don't believe what she was doing was wrong and that may surprise some people considering that is coming from a guy's mouth!

Some small things I thought were interesting and noteworthy was seeing Bush front man and Mr. Steffani himself Gavin Rossdale as the coffee shop employee when Stacy (Murphy) went to meet her boyfriend's most beloved ex, Joyce. I also think, but cannot confirm, that the set they used for the street scenes including where she walked Bob and where Dr. Keyes lived was the NY street at Universal Studios in Hollywood. If it wasn't it sure looked like it. I always think that is cool since I've seen that set several times before it went up in the fire. Haven't seen it since but I'm interested to see what it looks like now! Easily my favorite scene of the film was when Stacy danced around in Derek's apartment and did a handstand while a Carly Simon tune played in the background and no it was not because I got to see her pink undies! haha.

The show culminated with Barb backstabbing Stacy and exposing all that she did behind Derek's back. It led Stacy to realize that her boyfriend and her were not meant to be and it embarrassed her on national TV during sweeps week. It was a downright horrendous thing to do and the confrontation between Stacy and Barb was very unsatisfying. I personally would have like to have seen a bitch slap to Barb but that did not happen. I did however thing the ending where Stacy meet's Carly Simon was pretty unique and pretty cool but like I said before an ending with her in love and with the man she loved would have been better. Oh well. I give this one a C+!

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