Friday, September 10, 2010

#80 - Failure to Launch - 2006

The 3rd movie I chose to watch this week was the 2006 hit Failure to Launch. This was my third time watching this movie and it gets funnier and funnier every time I see it. I think this movie more so than the previous two was more up the "romantic comedy" alley. It did have Matthew McConaughey in it so you knew there had to be a little romance and a little comedy. Below is my detailed review.

So obviously Matthew McConaughey is in this film and stars as the lead role of Tripp. There are plenty of other great actors in this film and that is what makes this film so great. Sarah Jessica Parker whom I don't particularly care for stars as Paula. Her roommate in the film, Kit, is played by super cute and personal favorite Zooey Dechanel. Tripp's best friends are played by two other recent favorites of mine, National Treasure star Justin Bartha as Ace and Hangover star Bradley Cooper as Demo. Tripp's parents are played by Terry Bradshaw and Kathy Bates. Patton Oswalt has a small part as a star wars geek nerd and shockingly enough he plays it well. haha. Good old Spence!

I am a big fan of Matthew McConaughey and Zooey Dechanel so the fact that both of them are in this film made it wonderful to start. McConaughey's pure charm and comedic ability and Dechanel's nerdy straight forward persona were on full affect in this film and just watching them reminded me why I enjoy their movies so much. You might think Dechanel was McConaughey's love interest in this film but she wasn't, I just enjoy her so much and she far outshines Sarah Jessica Parker as the main female lead in this role in my mind!

I loved this story and the entire concept. Crazy as it may sound I think there are probably a lot of young guys out there still living with their parents, probably more so now with the economy but anyways, I think although it may be the case it does not mean it is appealing unless of course you are Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper, and Justin Bartha. haha. It was rather hard to believe McConaughey as a stay at home son but as the film progressed you could actually visualize it. I thought it was unique and different and the entire "parents pay someone for him to fall in love with and move" concept was very funny.

Even though this is a romantic comedy yet again I chose a film with more comedy than romance. I cant help it, I have to get my comedy in! With that being said there were plenty of funny scenes in this film, very, very funny scenes in fact and below Ill list my favorites. Lets start with Tripp's Dad, Terry Bradshaw. His scene with the other parents at a BBQ who all have stay at home kids was very convincing and you could tell he was dying to get Tripp out of the house. That obviously did not compare to him dancing to Dr. Dre's Aint Nuthing But a G Thing in his "naked room". Easily one of the comedic pinnacles of this film hands down!

Most of the most enjoyable scenes for me involved Tripp and Kit or Kit and Tripp, however you want to word it. I love how Kit celebrates Champagne Thursday on Friday. She is so quirky and adorable. Her obsession with that damn bird is pure fun to watch especially when she aims to arm herself with a weapon and pays a visit to the gun shop! Very funny stuff! I think the hook up of her and Tripp's friend Ace was perfect because they fit so well together. This tandem twosome was was on full affect when after a failed shot at the ever so irritating bird backfired and Ace had to resort to mouth to mouth recitation on the bird to bring it back to life.

Since Tripp was so used to having everything done for him like he was a child it was funny when his Mom told him in front of his friends that he had to go get more chips if he wanted them and also had to do his laundry because she didn't have time. This led his friend Demo to say, "something is wrong with your Mom". There was a sentimental scene with Tripp and his Mom mixed in this film and was placed perfectly. It was very sweet and endearing and although these type of scenes may seem frequent in romantic comedies they are more so in true, sappy, type romantic comedies like Ghost or the Notebook (so Ive heard - Ive never seen it!) but not as much in these more comedic films. I thought it was a nice touch though.

I also thoroughly enjoyed all Tripp's adventures and encounters with different animals both on land and sea! From his chipmunk encounter after bike riding to the dolphin scene in the ocean (both in the middle of the film and at the end) all the way to the laughing lizard who bit him while mountain climbing these scenes were very funny and ironic at the same time. The producers managed to get a nice little Paintball scene in the film too and every time I see paintball it makes me want to go play. Looks like so much fun but also possibly painful!

McConaughey plays and angry fellow pretty well in this movie and it was quite evident when he made dinner and exposed his parents and Paula for what they were doing. I will have to admit the scene with him cooking and preparing the food did make me hungry. haha. Things obviously turned around as family and friends plotted to lock these 2 lovebirds up and they eventually stayed together which completed the happy ending. One of the funniest lines in the entire film was when Tripp was tied up hands around his back he was asked by Paula if he "wrote that note" which she received. His ever so hilarious sarcastic response was "yeah I wrote that right after I tied myself up and taped my mouth shut"! So very funny!! The film ends with Paula and Tripp on a sailboat and Tripp playing with a dolphin, presumably the one who played with him earlier in the film and Tripp's parents naked under a blanket on their new recliner singing "Hit the Road Tripp"! Great ending for a great film! I give this one a big A!

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