Wednesday, September 8, 2010

#78 - Employee of the Month - 2006

It's Romantic Comedy week for me this week as I enter into the home stretch of my Big Fat Summer Movie Marathon. I cant believe that Ive seen 77 movies already during my marathon and I only have a couple of weeks and 2 days left before I complete it all. Craziness!! My first choice was actually not as much of a Romantic Comedy as I remembered but still I feel it fit the bill. It was the 2006 flick Employee of the Month. Below is my detailed review.

This film starred two personal favorites of mine. Jessica Simpson played the role of Amy and Dane Cook was cast as the lead Zack. This film also starred Dax Shephard as Vince, Andy Dick as Lon, Harland Williams as Russell, Tim Bagley as Glen Gary, and Efran Ramirez (Pedro from Napolean Dynamite) as Jorge. For me and for obvious reasons Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook were my favorites. Let me just say this, Jessica Simpson looked beautimus in this film and yes I just made up that word. Dane Cook was his comedic self and easily provided the most humor in the film. Ive actually met both of them and they are really cool people so it was cool to see them both in the same film.

This film had plenty of laughs and gags and quotes throughout but Cook's and Shephard's back and fourth competition throughout the film was really the best part of the movie. Fortunately for the audience that goes on throughout the majority of the film and culminates with a hilarious final checkout scene which is quite fun to watch! Vince's (Shephard) sidekick is Jorge who is played by the actor who played Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite and Zack (Cook) has a group of friends led by Lon (Dick) and Russell (Williams). Personally Harland Williams kind of irritated me in this film and wasn't very funny and I don't know just the way he talks bothers me. I think they could have made a better casting choice with his character.

I loved the setting of this film which mainly took place inside a large store like a COSCO or Sam's Club. From the price tags it looks as though this was filmed inside a COSCO but I cannot confirm that was the case. There were several funny references to the extremely large quantity items you would typically buy at a store like this but 14 boxes of condoms? haha. I can honestly say I don't recall a store of this nature selling coffins but I guess some do or do they? I highly doubt it. I loved the scene where Vince rang up a tag for a "piece o shit Honda" only to find out that it was his 81 Honda that was placed on a shelf for sale. Best gag of the film hands down. The sound of Vince yelling out "this is an 81 Honda, how dare you" ring in my ear even though that comment was yelped out at an entirely different scene in the film. Too funny!!

There were a lot of funny scenes in this film as one would expect and below are a list of some of my favorites. The first that comes to mind is the joke Zack tells Vince when referring to a Sharpie Marker being 10 times larger than Vince's actual penis. Vince's response was classic, "that's heeeelarious"! One can't talk about funny scenes without mentioning the popper which nearly shocked Lon's glasses off at their friends kid's birthday party which leads me to this question. Where the hell do you order a 20lb bag of tortilla chips like they had at that party because I'm pretty sure COSCO and Sam's Club don't even sell sizes that large??

I thought the date that Zack had with Amy was very unique and cool. I personally would love to race around a large store on go karts, play some outdoor rooftop miniature golf, and then settle in for a nice movie on some comfy recliners. Very cool touch and it fell right in line with Zack's character. I thought the addition of absolutely ridiculously large ears to Amy's character was hilarious or as Vince would say, heeeelarious! Not quite a flaw for someone as sexy as Simpson but still a funny touch. Jessica Simpson looked about as hot in this film as she has in any of her other roles besides the Dukes of Hazards, obviously. I mean if they had added that pink bikini in this film then it would have been perfect, kidding, just kidding - kind of.

I loved Zack and his friends hideout up in the upper shelves down one of the aisle in the store. It was a cool little hang out spot that reminded me of a kid's tree house. Nice touch. I thought the softball game was also added in nicely but I had trouble seeing Dane Cook and Dax Shephard as real softball players but Jessica Simpson's outfit at the game made me forget all about that. Whew, nice! I enjoyed the character Glen Gary who was the manager of Super Club. He had a small role as one of the Heffernans neighbor's on King of Queens so I remembered him from those shows and he is a funny actor. His toy policeman scene in his office was too damn funny!

Overall I'd have to say this wasn't as much of a romantic comedy as it was a comedy but still since there was some romance and a final ending that would follow suit for romantic comedies (i.e. guy and girl kissing to popular song) I felt this worked and was strong enough to fit into this category. That along with the fact that I just really wanted to see movie with Jessica Simpson in it, haha. Overall I thought it was very funny but surprisingly enough I wouldn't give it a top grade and no its not because the pink bikini was missing. haha. I would give this a strong B+!

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