Saturday, September 11, 2010

#81 - Hitch - 2005

The 4th movie I watched this week was a stellar hit from 2005 that I absolutely loved! This one easily fit into the romantic comedy category but had so much more and is easily one of my favorites of the week, easily! There were some scenes in this film that I literally had tears in my eyes after watching but Ill explain more below. Below is my detailed review.

This film had one hell of a cast. Will Smith was the lead and based on his suggestion because he was a fan of the TV Series King of Queens (who isn't??) Kevin James was cast and basically the 2nd lead of this film, 2nd male lead that is. Eve Mendes was the female lead in this film after Jennifer Lopez turned it down, thank God! Lopez wouldnt have fit in this film and Mendes was perfect! Amber Valletta was the other main female lead in this film and was great as well. In smaller parts were Jeffrey Donovan (think Burn Notice) and Julie Ann Emery and Adan Arkin.

Will Smith was perfect for the role of a "date doctor" or "Hitch" as he was known as. He played Alex Hitchens and his smooth super cool carefree style made him ever so convincing in this role. On the flip side Albert Brennaman couldn't have been played better by anyone other than Kevin James so kudos to Smith for suggesting him for this role because he was perfect!! James chubby appearance and clumsy habits made him a perfect candidate for a dose from the date doctor! James character Albert was by far my favorite character in the film, hands down!

One thing I loved about this film is that besides the fact that there were a lot of very very funny scenes it had a good overall story and theme. It was positive and uplifting and although at one point in the film Hitch's methods are questioned when in fact they were only questioned because they were not fully understood, his methods worked and it was a very cool concept and something that I could see working in real life. Does that mean I believe there are real life Hitch's out there in the world, no I don't but I do believe some people like to believe they are date doctors or call themselves cupid and that's ok, no hard in that.

Ill just get this out of the way now because I just have to break down some scenes in this film that were so funny. This movie was great, absolutely great on every level so lets just get down to it. Below are scenes I thought were cool, funny, adorable, funny, sexy, all of the above. There are so many lets see how to start here. Ok I got one, lets go. Hitch's uber coolness was on full display when he showed how to get a sexy girl in a bar away from a group of guys in one quite unique way. I thought this scene was creative. It made me laugh even harder when we got a glimpse of the "college" glasses wearing Hitch with the background music of Fine Young Cannibals blaring. I love flashback's in movies so I loved this scene obviously.

Now onto Albert Brennaman. Right from the get go we see Hitch has his hands full when we see Albert trying to eat lunch on the steps outside of his office building and he is struggling at this normally easy day to day task. Like I said before James was perfect for this role. I had visions of Doug Heffernan throughout this film and that made me happy. His meeting scene with Allegra Cole (Valletta) and the phone conversation shortly after were classic Albert (Doug Heffernan) type scenes. From the attempts at smooth talking to the trip and fall scene while on the phone Albert is one hell of a work in progress for Hitch!

By far the funniest scene in the film and easily one of my favorite dance scenes in any movie, ever was the scene where Hitch tries to teach Albert how to dance. All the clips in this 10 minute sequence from Albert meeting Allegra's acquaintances to showing Hitch his dance moves were pure comedy gold! Hitch's instructions on where Albert should place his hands were funny and watching Albert try to put these instructions to use was even funnier. Too high = friends, too low = ass, right in the middle = me! Funny funny stuff! Albert's dance moves that he showed Hitch were amazing and downright rolling off your chair laughing dance moves! James actually created these moves himself for this scene which makes it even funnier to me! From the Q-Tip to the pizza making steps they were so funny! You cant leave out the MC Hammer side to side step, haha! Like I said before, pure comedy gold!!

I loved Eve Mendes in this film as well and she was great in the role of Sara. Her freak out at Ellis Island was quite odd and she doesn't look like the type of person you'd want to lie to but she was great in this movie. I still liked Valletta's character Allegra Cole more though. Her incredibly adorable dorky dance moves were so cute and funny and she was the perfect mate for Albert in this film. They were a match made in heaven! Donovan was very convincing as the ass (Vance) in this film Mr. Power Suit Power Tie guy who is trying to use Hitch's services to just get laid! In one of those "hell yeah" scenes Hitch takes Vance pulls his arm behind his back and slams his head forward on the table and says "I will literally break your shit off, ok pumpkin"? Loved that scene! Another great scene was watching Hitch after his allergy attack. Great special effects on this one and advertisement for Benadryl! haha.

The final scene of this movie treats us to one last dance scene with Albert and Allegra, Hitch and Sara, Albert and Hitch, and Allegra, Sara, and Casey all together. More adorable dorky dance scenes by Allegra before the grand daddy run and slide through by Albert. Again a very very funny dance scene so funny in fact I added a video of it below. Enjoy!

With all that being said its real simple, this movie gets an A+!

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