Friday, August 6, 2010

#46 - Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - 2005

The 4th movie I chose to watch this week is one of my all time favorites, Cheaper by the Dozen 2! This film came out in 2005 and I remember seeing it in the theaters because I loved the first one so much. Being a huge Steve Martin fan is the main reason I loved the first one and considering I like Bonnie Hunt as well it was an added bonus. This sequel was awesome in so many different ways. Below is my detailed review.

Now without spending too much time on the cast lets just delve into the primary actors. Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Eugene Levy, Carmen Electra, Hilary Duff, Tom Welling, Piper Perabo, Jamie King, and yes the Wolf himself Taylor Lautner from Twilight. Let me just skip to the point, EVERYONE was great in this film and the cast of characters was perfect for this film! One of my favorite characters in the film was Sarah Baker played by young Alyson Stoner, yes a funny last name but she was easily one of my favs for this movie and the first as well. To no surprise she was Lautner's love interest in the film.

Martin and Levy are easily the two funniest characters in this film but that goes without saying really. Their dueling battles throughout the film are hilarious. Levy as the super successful buisnessman Jimmy Murtaugh and Martin as the Tom Baker former college football coach and father of 12. Baker is the more aloof family oreinted one while Murtaugh is the more serious, driven by success one. They are both super competitive and their competitiveness is on full display in this film in all its hilarity.

The story is simple, Tom Baker after realizing his oldest daughter and her husband are moving to Texas and his 2nd oldest daughter is moving away for college decides to gather up the troops and head out for one more big fun filled family vacation at Lake Winnetka. After arriving at the Lake he is notified that his old nemisis Jimmy Murtaugh (Levy) owns almost all the properties on the Lake. At the initial clan bake Tom and his wife Kate (Hunt) run into Jimmy and his bride of 6 months Sarina (Electra) which starts the battle between Dad's and friendships and even a young love interest between Eliot Murtaugh and Sarah Baker.

The setting for this film was amazing and all I can say is I would love to own the home at the "Boulders" which Jimmy so eloquently stated was nice for a "2nd home". Jimmy flaunts his success and children's achievement all throughout the film and this only intensifies Tom's dedication to do battle against Jimmy and defeat him. Seeing the jet skis, huge blow up trampolines, and speed boats on the lake made me want to go camping and to a lake for the summer. I couldnt think of a better place to enjoy a vacation in the summer and this movie made me want to go somewhere like that. Add in the tire swing, hand created diving board, and camping outside in tents it was truly a perfect movie for this week's theme.

There were a ton of favorite scenes for me in this film and although I probably wont be able to list all of them Ill try my best. The first that comes to mind is when Tom fixes up the place and is rocking out to his ancient portable cassette player. His dancing and tire swing failures all to a classic oldie tune was classic Steve Martin. Then there was the battling singing scene while the Baker's enjoyed their smores and the Murtaugh's their fondu. Yes this scene made me have a craving for smores!! Lets move on to Eliot and Sarah's date night at the movies where Tom and Jimmy spied on the kids and ended up getting into an argument in the upper level of the theater which left Tom hanging from the rafters.

How could anyone forget the lunch at the "Boulders" and Tom's prank gone wrong. After excuting a game plan to get back at Jimmy, Tom asks for Sarah's help but it backfires on all levels. Very funny scene but what was even funnier was when Charlie spilled Orange Juice all over his mother's white shirt which Kate quickly said "its like spring break all over again, I hope I win the contest". I love Bonnie Hunt in this scene and yes it got even better. After changing into one of Sarina's shirts Kate comes back to the table with the low cut shirt that says HOT MAMA which got the attention of everyone at the table. Kate tells Tom "eyes up here hon" in another classic quip. Needless to say Hunt stole the scenes at the Boulders.

Who could forget the tennis battle scene between the two couples which turned into a Tom vs Jimmy battle. I especially loved Tom's "pink tape covered" tennis shoe. The preparation and training for the Labor Day sports events were quite comical as well as was Tom's failed knee boarding experience. This scene in particular reminded me of John Candy in the Great Outdoors which I have slated to watch later this week. Im pretty sure the oldest Murtaugh son who was driving that speeding boat dragging Tom was from the Twilight series as well. That makes two for this film, weird huh? As evident from all the scenes Ive mentioned above there were a lot of favorites of mine in this film.

There are two scenes I have not mentioned which are two of my very favorites. The first is when Sarah comes out of the cabin after being dolled up by her sister Lorraine (Duff) in preperation for her date with Eliot. This is where he notices his little tomboy daughter all dressed up with lipstick and makeup for the first time and in a very touching and emotional scene Tom fights back tears as he watches her leave.

The other quite touching and even more emotional scene was saved for the end of the movie. After learning her water broke while on the final event of the Labor Day games while conoeing Nora and the Baker group quickly rowed ashore and with the help of the Murtaugh's rushed to the nearby hospital where after delivering her baby she has a quite touching scene with her father Tom where she introduced her child to their grandfather. I remember this scene being very emotional for me even in the theater and it was quite unexpected. It was a perfect ending to this incredibly wonderful family fun filled adventure of a movie. I would absolutley love for their to be a 3rd Cheaper by the Dozen however Im not holding my breath. That's ok though, Ill enjoy this 2nd one over and over again, its just one of those films I could watch over and over, it was that good to me!! No surprise here this one gets an A+!

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