Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ten Little Known Treasures

Here are 10 movies that I believe are more unknown then known in the movie watching community and I would urge any fans of either the Horror Genre or Suspense Thriller Genre to SEE THESE MOVIES!! Now it’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that I have seen more movies than anyone else I personally know, it’s just true, and my favorite movies are Horror films therefore I believe that 6 movies on this list would be categorized as just that and the remaining 4 would be more in the Suspense/Thriller category. None the less they are all Great movies, in my opinion, and I would highly suggest that anyone reading this blog check one out, or maybe even two, or three, or heck all of them and let me know what you think.

Below I will give my 20 word review for each film.

The GameYou never know what is real and what is not, home burglary scene with clown and music equals beautiful setting

Fear Absolutely terrifying and suspenseful and one of the creepiest voices for a villain you’ll ever hear, beautifully written film script

 Clownhouse – A truly wonderful and scary “clown” horror films that will truly have you scared of clowns after watching it, scary

Trapped – Low budget, high suspense thriller with an employee trying to survive in a high rise with an axe wielding killer


Trick R Treat – Four storylines, a creepy quarry, beautifully decorated pumpkin and ghost lawn scenes an amazing killer and so much damn fun


Dark Ride – All you need to know is college kids, empty dark fair ghost ride, and wonderfully creepy thematic elements equals awesomeness

Midnight Meat Train – A couple of incredibly amazing FX special effects gore scenes and a hell of a storyline with plenty of suspense

Timber Falls – A couple, the WV Wilderness, a crazy religious deranged family, beautiful scenery and spectacular gore with a twisted crazy ending

When a Stranger Calls – All you need to know is this, the “original” call from a stranger inside the house to a babysitter flick


The Descent – Claustrophobic individuals STAY AWAY, this movie is NOT FOR YOU. Simply said it's one of my favorite horror movies ever


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