Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Millions

I have itemized my list of family, friends, churches, and organizations that I plan to give a monetary amount to out of my winnings from tonight’s $640,000,000.00 Mega Millions jackpot. So #’s, don’t let me down! Haha.

I always wondered this but never knew but there is 176 million different combinations of numbers so technically if someone spent $176 million and played all the combinations they would actually in this case win $523 million. Now here is the big kicker and I thought of this myself. I wonder how long it would take to fill out that many combinations. Forget the sheer fact that you probably couldn’t locate 3.52 million Mega Million play cards (5 tickets on one) but say you could then all you have to do is fill them out. Now I filled out my share this week and for one game on the 5 game ticket it took me maybe 7-10 seconds. Now even though my name is Kent I am not superman but if I were and say I was able to shave a couple of seconds off and do each game in 5 seconds, meaning 25 seconds for each 5 game card guess how many years it would take to fill out 3.52 million cards? Try 28! Yep, 28 years. Unfortunately the Mega Millions draws every Tue and Fri so at the most you get 3 ½ days to fill out a card so there goes the idea of trying to beat the system.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff. I mean the real fun stuff. If by any chance there is one sole jackpot winner and that jackpot winner is from the state of California their take home amount after taking the cash option and being taxed 25% from the federal government would be $347,000,000.00. WOW – let me say that backwards – WOW! Ok so breaking it down with approximations because my calculator can only be expected to do so much here is some fun facts about what that single jackpot winner could do if they so choose. Assume that you put $1,000,000.00 in the bank immediately in many states you could live off that interest for the rest of your life so even after doing that you could do the following.

For the next 50 years you could spend:

$6,940,000.00 every year
$578,000.00 every month
$19,610.00 every day
$817.00 every hour
$13.00 every minute

That’s a lot of green doughboy sugar!

So in closing, as if this is a courtroom and I am a lawyer, duh, whoever wins the lottery tonight will be super rich. Rich in wealth and rich in luck. I can only hope as well that whomever does win this jackpot tonight they give to churches, those who are less fortunate, and those who really need it. I myself compared to most people consider myself to be very very lucky and very very blessed and no I don’t need a Lottery win to make my life more fulfilling however I believe I could helps others do just that, many others, many many others. I am kind of from the Bresters Millions mindset where I truly believe you couldn’t spend that much money in your lifetime unless you literally wasted it on frivolous things each and every day. I don’t think people can really fathom how much money that REALLY is. Personally I think there will be several winners tonight. I don’t think with a jackpot this astronomical it will produce any less than 3 winners tonight. We will see. If I do become one of the lucky winners it will really make it quite odd for me to explain to my new landlord that even though we are moving in this weekend we will most likely have to move out next weekend. I'm sure they will understand and heck I’d let them even keep the full deposit. haha

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