Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Midsummer Nights Dream!

Since I have decided to delete my facebook page I am transferring over some of my "notes" from FB which are basically blogs I wrote. This one was written on 7/31/09, more than 2 and a half years ago. I remember this dream so well!

Tell me this isn't a creepy way to wake up in the morning!

On Wednesday morning I had a very realistic dream that I figured Id share because it was more intense than almost any other dream Ive ever had. To the best of my knowledge this dream occurred somewhere between 4:50am-5:27am but definitely ended at 5:27am on the dot. Here goes.

I was driving down the street, a street which resembles the street I drive down to get to work, basically its an industrial park so its a two lane road with not much traffic. My employer's building is on the right hand side and as I'm driving by I notice two guys in a car who look to be in an undercover police vehicle just watching car's go by. As I drive by and park nearby they are still within my sight and something is just odd and I don't feel right about them being there. I sit in my car for about 30 seconds or so and watch them and as I do so I watch another car go by, an older beat up white colored Cadillac and there are two guys in the car, both front windows are down and they look real suspicious. I sense the two individual's who I believe are cop's to be very interested in them and they start to sit up in their seat's a little straighter. As the car passes by they turn into a business across the way and park right out front in a regular parking spot and slowly get out of the car. As they walk to the building entrance it is evident that they work there as others around them follow in for there normally scheduled work time I assume. One co-worker even offer's a wave as they head in. Seeing that Ive been sitting in my car now for a couple of minute's I go to get out and enter in to my work when all of a sudden I see the two guys from the car who I believe are police dash out of there car and walk very quickly towards the building where the other two guys entered. As they headed across the street their police badges were slightly visible and it was not confirmed these were indeed undercover cops, for that matter maybe even FBI. Seconds later the cops enter the building and no sooner did groups of panicked employee's start to spew out of the entrance. You could tell by their faces they were concerned and scared as they dashed across the street right to the right of where my office building was. I saw this and just keep watching as about 25-30 people easy crossed over the street and headed to the parking lot area next to my office building. I'm not sure what made me do this but I followed them as they headed to the parking lot and it was like a scene out of a movie. The parking lot was big and rather empty, only a few cars spread about and people were walking and walking until the reached the end of the parking lot and that was weird to me because it wasn't like there car's were parked over here, they were all on the other side in the parking area of their work building. As I looked around while I was walking it looked as though it was an actual airport parking lot where you would eventually run into a huge tall fence separating the airport runway and the parking lot. As I was walking across there were two individuals who I tried to get the attention of and ask "what is going on", "should I be concerned"? Only one answered me and at first glance he looked exactly like Ryan Reynolds and he said, "yes, very concerned". OK so this was freaking me out and as I attempted to keep up with everyone I hear yelling and screaming behind me and I see the two guys from the Cadillac running towards everyone. Right there and then my dream fast forwards and I am all of a sudden in a spot hidden from everyone else and I keep hearing these voices speaking but I cannot understand them, I cant see them either, my eyes are closed and then all of a sudden I can see. I was somehow wrapped up like a mummy in explosives and they were untangling me like unwinding a mummy's cloth and I kept feeling this prickling as they continued to untangle me on my chest and stomach. It's like they were unwinding me and at the end I was expecting to explode. As they continued to untangle me over and over and over I kept feeling these prickly pinch's over and over and then finally at the very end of my dream they completely untangle me and run away screaming out loud language once again I cannot understand and poof - dream over and I'm awake.

I awoke in a sweat and panic as the dream was very real to me, more so than most. I noticed immediately the time and it read 5:27am, 12 minutes later than I originally needed to be up and who do I see kneading me as I awoke right on top of me on my covers inches away from my face, my cat Topanga and that "prickling" I was feeling was no doubt my cat kneading me over and over again as she does every morning waiting for me to get up and feed her. Only this morning was different, this morning her kneading added more than I wanted and more than a measly wake up call, it added stress and realness to a dream I didn't need to be more real in the first place.

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