Monday, May 24, 2010

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

I saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland this weekend on bluray and I must say I really really enjoyed it. Anyone who has a bluray player I would highly suggest seeing this one on bluray because it is exceptional. My wife did not think that there were as many bright colors as she expected however the vividness of this film on bluray was amazing. It was probably the most vivid bluray I have seen to date. With that being said below is my review of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Bluray comments aside (since we already know how I feel about that) I thought this movie was very good. I personally don't recall much of the original Walt Disney film myself so it was kind of of like a new movie all together for me. Knowing that Tim Burton was behind this was interesting too because you knew it would have some quirkiness involved and it did. I thought the story was original and kept the audience's attention and contrary to some reviews I read I did not feel it was too dark or scary for children. I thought that the actress who played Alice was wonderful, very natural and unassuming and she was a perfect fit for this movie. Johnny Depp was obviously my favorite with Tweedle Dee & Dum a close second. I would have personally enjoyed about 10 more minutes of screen time for these creepy looking dudes but oh well I guess it wasn't meant to be. Carter was awesome as the queen and a perfect fit and I couldn't help but think of Hans Gruber in Die Hard every time the caterpillar spoke and puffed. Die Hard fans will know what I am talking about. Anne Hathaway's hand motions and constant movements made you think she was in slow motion and became irritating the more she did it, which was always!! She was easily my least favorite character.

Back to the story. I felt the stroll through the forest was very cool but could have been a bit longer and I thoroughly enjoyed the Table scene where Alice first meets the Mad Hatter! Those characters were awesome and I love how Depp created a miniature dress in a second. There were plenty of other visual treats in this movie and one of my favorites were the floating heads outside the Queens castle!! Those were awesome. The hat tryout scene with Depp and Carter was cool and could have lasted a bit longer but was funny to watch but the beheading scene was classic - loved when the Cheshire Cat appeared.

Overall I think the visual effects were amazing and the characters were quite original for a remake, sort of. You can always expect the unexpected with Tim Burton and this was nothing different. The entire story leading up to the battle scene at the end was entertaining and unique and there were enough visual pleasures and odd characters to keep anyone involved and I thought that along with a pretty good (yet quite familiar) score from Danny Elfman made this movie a must see. It leads me to wonder what Tim Burton will remake next? Any suggestions?

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